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USANA Health Sciences this week unveiled InCelligence technology, a scientific advance that harnesses the body’s natural ability to renew and protect itself.

Researchers at Utah-based USANA developed the cell-signaling technology by studying the natural intelligence of human cells, which carry out processes essential to health. The company’s patent-pending InCelligence Complex directly triggers these processes, rather than simply supporting them, as traditional multivitamin supplements do.

Cells generate energy to power bodily functions, right down to the heartbeat, said Dr. Kevin Spelman, USANA Executive Vice President of Research and Development. “But this process can also generate free radicals that can damage the mitochondria within the cell. Fortunately, our cells have a natural process that helps clean any damaged mitochondria out of the cell to help renew efficient cellular function.”

CellSentials, from the company’s new InCelligence line, helps to activate the renewal process and nourish the cells, allowing them to function at high capacity. At its 2016 International Convention, which runs through Saturday in Salt Lake City, USANA also has introduced Proglucamune, a supplement that helps immune cells respond and adapt to stress.

The new technology positions USANA at the cutting edge of nutritional supplement research, according to company Founder Dr. Myron Wentz. “USANA continues to build a reputation as an innovator in the science of cellular health and nutritional supplementation.”

In addition to CellSentials and Proglucamune, two existing USANA supplements—Hepasil DTX for liver detoxification and Procosa for joint support—will now incorporate InCelligence technology.

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