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Opportunities in the business world wax and wane on a continuous basis just like the crushing waves of the Atlantic Ocean. Ever since the birth of Internet, we are now living off a permanent higher plateau when it comes to the creation, diffusion, dissemination, and use of information; that we can identify as the information society.

Multi-millionaires and even multi-billionaires can be minted in a relatively short period of time when compared to the Industrial Age. Brick and mortar businesses are giving way to online businesses as they are able to cut off intermediaries to give customers a better deal.

Anyone can be a superstar overnight just by posting their videos online be it for the better or worse. Scandals are being leaked out on a frequent basis as videos go viral online.

Tablets and smart phones are making things worse for those with tech phobia. Free download for new applications are changing the way in which the members of the society interact.

It seems scary and frightening to business owners who are still stuck in the mindset of the “traditional” business model. In this rapid and fast-paced technological change, paralysis is a sure way to the demise of businesses which are unwilling to change.

Rather than being left out in this wave of great technological change, new business opportunities can be seized in today’s information society. Technology has leveled the playing ground for the Average Joe on the street to showcase their creativity to the rest of the world.

Fame and fortune can be won and lost at the blink of a second. The stakes are higher than ever in the history of mankind as we are being swept by this wave of creative destruction.

Be it a small business owner or someone who wants to leverage on the current state of affairs, what can be recommended is that one can start off with internet marketing. The main benefits of internet marketing are as follows:

1) Small initial capital to start up

2) Exhibits characteristics of increasing returns to scale

3) Auto-piloted income

4) Working from home while showcasing your abilities and creativity

5) Carefree lifestyle as long as there is internet connection.

It will be a grave mistake not to embark on the journey of internet marketing especially for someone who is young and vibrant since the opportunities are unlimited as long as one is committed. Time and tide wait for no man!

So what are you still waiting for?

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Source by Haden Chua