Get LEADS On Autopilot!

As I sit here and write this post to better serve you and provide you with the information to help you sponsor more people, I can only think about the first time I started in  MLM . I was anxious, excited, scared, overwhelmed and looking back, very naive. From all of the conference calls and hyped up claims, I just ‘knew’ that my  MLM  company would be my ticket to wealth. I can’t tell you how wrong I was. Success in  MLM  is not as easy as your sponsor or upline may have made it out to sound. You may have experienced this firsthand in your dealings with  MLM . Don’t get me wrong this is an extraordinary industry that has provide me with a lifestyle I used to only dream about, but success doesn’t happen over night. There are specific skills you must learn in order to succeed in  MLM . The most important to me is marketing. Behind marketing is sponsoring. This post will reveal 3 sponsoring secrets you can use to grow your own respective business more effectively and give you a foundation for sponsoring.

These 3 secrets will only work based on the assumption that you have a steady flow of leads coming in and you are talking to prospects on a consistent basis. After implementing each secret in my own business approximately 1 year ago, I was able to see a 200% increase in my sign-ups and my team’s sign-ups as a whole.

Secret #1 – Become A Master Asker

Top producers and recruiters will tell you that half of sponsoring is all about the questions you ask. What you are trying to accomplish when speaking to your prospects is to fact find and provide a solution for your prospects problems. The better you are at asking questions and actively listening, the better you will become at sponsoring and the easier it will seem. All of the prospects you speak to are looking into  MLM  or your company because of a specific reason. Determine what that reason is and show your prospect how you or your company can help them accomplish their goals.

Secret #2 – It’s All About Positioning

Put yourself in your prospects shoes for a second. Would you join someone who is needy and has nothing to offer? Of course not. So it is in your best interest to position yourself and your company in a way that can be of assistance and provide a benefit to your prospect. You will essentially be conducting an interview to determine whether or not this prospect is right for your business. It is amazing the effect this positioning will have on your business. The prospect will see you as a leader and someone of high credibility.

Secret #3 – The “Letting Go” Factor

Letting go means that you will conduct your interviews and talk to your prospects as if you are not even the least bit concerned with the outcome. Meaning you don’t care if your prospect joins or not. This means you have to be willing to let go of some prospects. The less attachment you show to your prospects the more you will sponsor. This was a turning point in my own business. Initially I was so attached with each prospect and projected that every time I spoke to a new person. Whatever you do, just do not convey to your prospect that you ‘need’ to sponsor them. They pick this up and usually will run far!

These 3 secrets might not seem like secrets at all, but you would be amazed at the power of each once they are implemented. I first stumbled across these 3 secrets when I decided that following each and every instruction from my upline wasn’t the best idea. I trashed the cheesy call scripts and began to really connect with my prospects. Through repetition and massive action I began to get very comfortable with my prospects and built relationships with each of them. You can do the exact same thing, you just have to do it and take action.

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Source by Joey Fratantoni