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It’s really hard to make the right decision when choosing a home based business online. Seriously, if you are new to the marketing world, there are so many different kinds that people probably get irritated just trying to figure out the differences between multi-level marketing, cooperative marketing, internet marketing, network marketing, and not only the benefits for each one, but also what they are. While I am not here to explain them all for you in this article, I do want to show you the benefits to one.

Many people don’t realize that cooperative marketing has been around for quite some time. However, in recent years, it has become very popular due to the failure rate that revolves around  MLM  marketing. This is an industry where only three percent of the people that get involved wind up being successful. Yes, you read that right, 97% of the people in an  MLM  company fail no matter which one they choose. Why such a horrible rate?

A lot of it has to do with the formulas that are used with  MLM  companies. An industry that is based upon recruiting other people, to recruit other people, and on down the line is where the majority of the money is made. Sure, some of the multi-level marketing companies have products they sell, but the money made from recruiting is how people can afford to quit those nine to five jobs in the offline world. If they can’t get others to join their home based business as distributors, it will never amount to anything.

Even though those are just a few reasons out of many, cooperative marketing has prospered because of the  MLM  defeats. If you’ve never heard of this kind of marketing, it’s set up to be based on customers of the product instead of recruiting. You can receive profit sharing rights for the lifetime of a particular customer, and then if they introduce the products to someone else, you receive benefits from them as well. In the end, it allows you to have a residual income without having to jump through all the hoops that  MLM  marketing companies put in front of you.

Cooperative marketing doesn’t require people to purchase $50-$100 of product to turn around and try to sell it to potential prospects. No, these types of companies are set up so that the affiliates involved don’t have to do anything except refer people if they are looking for a product that the company offers. People have come to realize it is much easier then trying to paint a picture of this illustrious  lifestyle  that for most people wouldn’t be attainable in  MLM  companies.

With all this being said, you still have to make the final decision on which type of business and company is best suited for your needs. My goal is to help you become successful without going through all the trials and tribulations when I can tell you about them myself. Just pointing you in the right direction gives me great pleasure in knowing you are that much closer to becoming successful online.

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Source by Angela Epperley