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Frauds and scammers offering people ‘work from home jobs’ have seriously infested the internet and don’t seem to relent when it comes to cheating people. They try every way possible from popping up without permission on websites, appearing in your e-mail and running banners across websites promising lots of money. Who does not want to make lots of money? When people see an ad online that promises tons of money, they feel it is worth a try. Unfortunately there are millions of unaware people who go for these scams and land up losing rather than gaining money.

Craigslist is a website that offers real work from home jobs. What is a work from home job? Many employers prefer to hire people who work remotely for several reasons. Firstly, employers may not have work that is consistent enough to hire a full time employee. Secondly, employers can save on office space by hiring someone who works part time from home.

Employees too have reasons for working from home. Single mothers who cannot leave the house because their kids are young or people who have disabilities that don’t allow them to commute really need jobs that they can do from home. Students who are studying and need flexible timings are best suited for such positions.

Craigslist’s “jobs” category has a sub category called as “part time”. Under this section, there are many jobs that people can take up and do from the comfort of their own homes. Also, when searching for a job, one can check the “part-time” box which will display work available for those who want to work from home. If you have a service you can provide from home, like web designing or home tutoring, you can make money by listing these services.

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Source by Saira A Varawalla