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Can anybody succeed in a home based business? If I had to answer that with one word it would be… Absolutely. Look, there are loads of people who have made and are making money from home, the number is massive. If we were asking the question: can anybody succeed in walking on the moon?

Then bearing in mind that only twelve people have actually achieved that, then the answer would have to be a resounding…NO. And anyway, who wants to be number thirteen, remember what happened to Apollo 13.

So with this in mind, we now have to ask the question: if anyone can be a success in this industry, then how come most fail? It’s easy to apportion blame on MLM’s and online opportunity companies who offer themselves out to the masses with the promise of riches, but at the end of the day what it comes down to is the individual- You. Sure, there are certain things that you can do first to ensure that you have the best possible chance of success with your new venture, and doing your due diligence plays a critical part. But despite this, a lot of people still join a working from home business based on hype and excitement rather than common sense and intelligence.

Sitting in a room with a hundred people cheering, clapping and dancing around because someone has just said that they’ve lost five pounds in weight in the last month and made fifty dollars in the process is not due diligence, and if you fall for these sort of tactics then more fool you. Due diligence is checking out the company properly. You have to ask questions like: how long has it been around, who runs it and what their credentials are. Is the company still growing? And I do not mean growing in the new tin pot state that it just opened in last week because that was all that was left. I mean growing in your country, where you live, where you want to make money. Some say that you have to be in the beginning of a business opportunity to make money.

Well there are two trains of thought for that. Firstly, it is a big gamble to be in a start up. Stats show that the majority of new businesses fail in their first five years, so here’s a tip, make sure it’s at least five years old, that way the law of averages is at least on your side. Secondly, what if you love what you have just seen and the new company meets all the criteria that you now look for. Well perhaps you should follow your instincts and go for it, the big guns all had to start somewhere and this could be your lucky break. But above all, the one thing that is going to make all the difference here is You. Taking on a business whether full or part time is a big commitment. It takes time, effort and a lot of sweat on your part to make it succeed. So before looking at every online or home based business on the planet, perhaps you should look at yourself first. At the end of the day the difference between success and failure is you.

Your work habits, your attitude and your desire, these are what separate the rich from the poor. Remember, you can have the things you want out of life or the reasons for not having them. Most people have got their reasons, and that is why most people fail. Now it is your time to choose. Good luck, and I hope you find success in what you are looking for.

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John Drake

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