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When I speak of making money I mean physically receiving checks and having a real steady income that is not a scam. I am here to talk about becoming an IBO (independent business owner) that is affiliated with Amway Global. Now many of you may have heard of Amway or have seen commercials on TV about their products such as Nutrilite. On the other side many people believe that being an IBO is a scam or a pyramid scam. These people are ill-informed and have not done their research and I am proof that you can and will make money in this business. I am not here to try and sell you anything from Amway or persuade you to think something other than what you have already made up in your mind about Amway and becoming an IBO. An IBO is, literally, an Independent Business Owner: an individual or individuals who own and operate their own business, which is powered by Amway North America, formerly Quixtar. IBOs are the CEOs of their own businesses, and they make many of the same daily business decisions other business executives make. As independent business men and women, IBOs decide how active to be in their business, what products to sell and at what prices, who to sponsor, what hours to keep, and other important decisions. IBOs are independent contractors; they are not employees of Amway North America or Amway Corporation. As independent business owners, IBOs are free to make decisions many others in business are not free to make. This is something you can do part time! there is no risk involved with this and it’s up to you to become as successful.

Now If you are serious about creating a better lifestyle for yourself and want to learn more about how to get there. Please e-mail me and I will go in depth with how everything works and what an amazing opportunity you have in front of you. Everyone has goals in life and this opportunity is the solution that will help you reach those goals.

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Source by Nick Wuensch