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What is your reason for coming into this industry of network marketing anyway? Is it because you wanted to have more free time to spend enjoyably with your friends and family? Is it because it promised you financial security faster than you can obtain in the cooperate world? Did you visualize yourself living the lifestyle of your dreams, and saw that it was quite achievable?

You have tried so many  MLM  companies. You have tried to promote so many different products, and today you have nothing to show for it.

But how long have you been in network marketing? Have you been in it consistently for 10 years and more? Or you have newly started, you are a newbie looking to make some quick bucks?

The right attitude for people coming into this industry should be to stay with it for awhile, until it works for them. You see, this is not a get rich quick scheme. It is a process of training and learning, and earning as you go. The good thing about it is that you are getting closer to your dreams as you persist, not ever having the mindset to quit.

What about your marketing? You understand that this is “Network Marketing,” and emphasis is made on the “marketing.”

This is a crucial area in your business, it is what will make you or break you. Marketing is the backbone of network marketing, so learn how to market.

You want to use all the tools of the trade effectively and adequately. You will like to know that you had given it your all.

If you check the people that are successful in this industry, you will find that they all have this in common, they stay in the game long enough, amidst all odds. They keep their eyes on the prize; their goals and dreams. They know that mistakes would be made, but also know that the challenges they face as they pursue their dream, is all in the learning and growing process.

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Source by Anthony Arnasalam