Get LEADS On Autopilot!

When I started my   MLM  business I could see the answers to all my problems. I could see a lifestyle that most only dream about having, no more money worries, no more having to go to work, holiday’s as and when I wanted them, but that’s when my problems started.

You see I was told to go and write my list of everyone I know and then start introducing them to the opportunity. I did this and only 2 people signed up into my business. They left the business as quickly as they had started so I was back to square one again.

What next, hand out flyers in town and post them through people’s letter boxes. So again I did this and got nothing for my results. I was told to keep doing what I was doing as you will eventually start to get results. After years of struggle I was in the same place as I started.

Now I have found a formula that uses the teachings of Mike Dillard and puts them into a system that attracts people to me. The people it attracts are the people I should have been targeting in the first place, other network marketers. A system that gives prospects exactly what they need to build a business.

The system I want to share with you will teach you how to do all of this and then some. You will get your very own custom lead capture page, with auto responder and full training package for your prospect to work through. You will also get the opportunity to earn an income from not 1 but close to 20 different income streams.

This is a system that will position you as the leader and people will always follower the leader. When the time is right you can then introduce your primary business opportunity to your prospect.

How will the system help, well like I said you will be positioned as a leader. You will also stand out from most of the other network marketers as you are not out to make a quick buck from everyone you talk to. You will be able to give them valid and quality information that will actually help them grow there business.

To many people out there are trying to push there business on everyone they meet. I had a guy the other day offer me his opportunity through MySpace. He didn’t even try and build a relationship with me first. He simple added me as a friend and asked me to join his business. Needless to say I declined his offer, would you join someone’s business if they approached you like that?

I hope that you will learn that you don’t have to struggle any more with you business. You don’t have to meet people in hotels or hand out flyer in shopping malls. You can build a business using the internet and true marketing systems without the need to bug your family and friends.

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Source by Tristram Lodge