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Packing for a trip is always fun because it builds up the anticipation of a great trip ahead. These days, however, it is important to take note of any requirements  destinations  may have. Bringing only biodegradable sun protection is becoming more common for many  destinations .

What is biodegradable sun protection? As the name suggests, it is made from ingredients that break down naturally. Given the fact you lather it all over your body, you might be surprised to learn most sun protection is a mass of chemicals that are harmful for the environment. Yes, the chemicals are bad for you as well, but usually only over time.

So, are  exotic   destinations  around the world trying to protect you from the chemicals in non-bio degradable sun protection? Uh…no. These destinations are trying to protect themselves. Specifically, they ecology of many areas is negatively impacted by the chemicals in regular sun protection.

You might wonder how this can be. After all, how much sun protection could one person possibly wear? Well, you are looking at it wrong. While it is true that you alone probably are not going to have much of an impact, what about your fellow travelers? How many people do you think go to sunny destinations each and every year? When you consider millions of people are a possibility, the volume of sun protection being introduced to the area is huge.

So, where are these restrictions most likely to apply? The most common destinations have delicate water habitats. These can include areas with reefs, coral, endangered water life and so on. If you are taking a cruise, you will often be restricted to biodegradable sun protection. In other cases, you may find certain countries such as Costa Rica have a blanket restriction. Obviously, make sure you check with your destinations before you go.

Importantly, biodegradable protection is not particularly more expensive than traditional brands. You might have some and not even know it. What we do know is it protects you as well as traditional brands, but without all the nasty chemicals. It is also far superior when it comes to plastics in your clothes, gear, backpacks and so on. Biodegradable protection from companies such as All Terrain will not harm these polymer based items. The same can’t always be said for traditional sun protection products.

Whether you care about the environment, your stuff or are just going to a destination that requires it, biodegradable sun protection is something you should strongly consider for your next trip.

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Source by John Grimes