Get LEADS On Autopilot!

When you’re new with an MLM, home based business or network marketing opportunity all good companies provide training usually around a 90-day gameplan. Just like a traditional business your home business is a real business and has to run on a plan for profit. I’d love to share today what I’ve learned in the past 6+ years about MLM success as a way to pay it forward to you in your learning curve.

In today’s fast pace world of online marketing your potential customers are dizzy with things calling out to them 24/7. Have you noticed more and more people walking around glued to their phones?

A simple and effective way for you to stand out from all the noise online is to build your own online assets. In other words, using a company website that is cookie cutter won’t work well since all the people in your company have the same one and it doesn’t tell your customer what you’re about and how you can help them.

Step 1- So consider setting up your own website/blog if you haven’t done so already.

Step 2– When someone comes to your new home online offer them value right up front give them education that others in your company may be overlooking. This will set you apart from the masses. As an example if you have a nutrition product you can do a health awareness webinar or workshop for your visitors so they can learn how to have more energy to keep up with the lifestyle they want so badly.

Step 3- When you deliver your gift be sure to give them a nice Thank You experience and show them that you have more to share if they would like to grab hold of what you’re teaching. At the time someone is looking at your information they are ready for more so over deliver and be a smart business owner by doing it in your Thank You to them. There are so many empty promises today online you have to show that you’re a real person with real value and deliver what you say and be sure to put extra care into serving your potential customers and business partners.

Step 4- Staying in a conversation with your new leads is something that you can easily do with what is called an autoresponder. If you’re new and don’t have one it’s OK you can get one easily and this will help you to keep your leads in one place and stay in touch with them regularly. More value for people who have shown they like you and what you’re doing.

Step 5- Putting into place a marketing plan and what is called a marketing funnel will assist you in delivering products and services to fit the needs of your audience at all different price points or levels of service they desire. You may have some clients who want the basic stuff and others who want more so have a detailed plan with a fully developed marketing funnel that you can put into place over time.

Step 6- An effective daily marketing plan will keep you on track and out of overwhelm. There are unlimited ways to get your information out in front of quality leads online but when you’re new it is best to focus your marketing plan on a few key areas and once those are performing well for you expand out.

Step 7- Make sure you stay in the loop with other professionals and network so you can get new ideas each week from others that are making a living from home. It is amazing the amount of momentum you can pick up when you partner with like minded professionals. Just because you work from home doesn’t mean you’re all alone at your computer.

To summarize MLM Success in 7-Steps is about putting together a custom gameplan that fits who you are and being able to bring that full circle to your ideal clients by delivering value to them in the way of education. Most searches online are for information for help in specific areas be there for your customers and they will naturally be attracted to you and what you’re offering.

If your current 90 day game plan makes you feel icky because it’s all about pitching to everyone how great your company, upline and products are you can now relax and know there is a better way. I hope this has helped you today and if you are excited about further education in this area you can find me at the website below.

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Source by Sharon Ann Irwin