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Anyone that has ever been involved or is currently involved in MLM or Network Marketing will know and understand that it’s not as easy as you first thought. So let’s take a minute to analyze the process and the stages of the emotional roller-coaster ride.

There could be many reasons why you got started in MLM or Network Marketing, see if any of these sound familiar?

1. You know that working for someone else will never get you to the place you want to go in life. “That’s thinking like an entrepreneur”

2.You believe that if you can make just a little money from a home business you can definitely use the same tactics to generate a lot of money. “But this can be so hit and miss that 1 week you might make some money and then the next 2 or 3 weeks can yield a nothing result, I have learned this lesson first hand!”

3. You know and understand that the internet makes millionaires every day and you think all you need to do is copy what they do and you will be one of those millionaires. “This is a good way to be thinking but how and where do you find this all important information as most of these guy’s don’t really give their secrets out, all they do is give small pieces of the puzzle, but never enough information for you to quite figure it out”

4. You want to provide a lifestyle of health, wealth and fortune for yourself and your family. “Very Understandable”

OK I think that’s enough, I think you get my drift.

So you have got into a home business be it MLM Network Marketing or even some kind of affiliate marketing program.

Here comes the Roller-Coaster it’s just pulled into the dock and it’s ready for some fresh blood so jump aboard and strap yourself in, your about to go for a ride.

Stage 1 of the ride: You have just strapped in and the latches engage and your off your going to the top on a high you can do this and nothing is going to stand in your way your ready and your going to make this work.

You have your website and your up-line to guide you and your going be make loads of money.

The first advice you get is to make your warm list, friends, family and other acquaintances then the advice you get is to contact them and let them know what a great opportunity you have just bought into and now you are going to show them and hopefully convince them that they should follow you and do the same. After all, in your eyes it’s a great opportunity and that’s the truth and it’s the reason you jumped aboard in the first place.

To be honest with you I only made 1/2 an effort at this as I was not comfortable with this method at all and I imagine a lot of other people out there feel the same way.

But before I go any further can I just say, there is nothing wrong with following these instructions I mean they were given to you by your up-line so they must know what they are doing right? Quick answer: Wrong!

Lets Examine up-line for a minute:

Is it not possible that your up-line is a person just like you, they bought into a product they believe in and they are just following the instructions from their up-line? So your up-line was given the advice to create a warm list and contact them, then your up-line gave you the advice to create a warm list and get in contact with them, now you are going to give this same advice to your down-line and the cycle continues.

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Source by Brad Dark