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There is an astronomical number of people turning to the internet in search of their fortune. Looking for away to change their life style.We are all looking to escape the “rat race” that is dragging them through life like a ball and chain.

But do people really know the Ugly Truth about making money on the internet. Do they really know what they are getting themselves into? The reality of working from home and making money the popular perception can be very different. It’s important to know that there’s an “ugly” truth that no one talks about; a truth that is not all peaches and cream. Something no one really wants to talk about, because it might scare potential prospects away. Believe it or not, but there are a lot of people that have ulterior motives.

But I am hear to give it to you straight. When you work for yourself, you are the man or women in charge. Your the CEO, the secretary, the President…you fill in the blank. It’s all up to you.

This ugly truth can be scary to most,especially coming from a regimented work structure. Where you are told what to do and when to do it. Where the main responsibility doesn’t fall on your shoulders.

Unfortunately we are use to being handed our jobs and told what to do and a time frame for when it should be done. We are told when we can take a break, when we can take a vacation,when we can take a day off and especially when we can go to lunch and for how long.

But now you are the time clock, and as such, you see that time suddenly stands still.

Why, because you now have new distractions, that you didn’t have before. Boy, don’t be a TV lover, because there it is, just down the hall. The wife or Husband…a Big distraction. They want things to be done, well you’re home now, right!

It should be easy to run all the errands that could be done when you were at work or the office.

Yes, now you can pick up the kids, go take care of this and that, nothing to it right?

Well, let me tell you, there is a way out, all you have to done is read the report that I will freely give to you. There is a light at the end of the tunnel…… just click the link in my Resource Box.

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Source by Ronald Outlaw