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MonaVie is a health and wellness company from Utah – America’s “Scam Capital”. It is referred to as America’s Scam Capital sue to the high number of MLM company headquarters based there, and people often associate MLM companies with being scams. So what is the truth about MonaVie? Is it a legit opportunity, or is it a big rip-off?

MonaVie – The Products

MonaVie are known for selling a concentrated health drink full of antioxidants, but they have recently branched out into more traditional health and wellness products like nutritional supplements, healthy snack bars, and protein shakes. The products are sometimes said to have great healing powers for many illnesses and diseases, but the company itself do not advertise this. They just stress the role that MonaVie can play in a healthy and active lifestyle. So the products are definitely not a rip-off.

MonaVie – The Business Model

MonaVie is a MLM company which means that the products are sold by an army of Distributors rather than in the shops. The uneasy truth is that the vast majority of MonaVIe Distributors fail in their business, and this leads to some people saying that MonaVie is a rip-off. But the fact is that Distributors make or break their OWN success.

If you want to be successful with MonaVie you need to learn the most powerful and effective techniques of marketing and selling your products. You need to be able to generate hundreds of leads every single week, and add 2-3 people every day into your business. You need to know how to train and manage these people so that they can also add 2-3 people into their business every day.

This may sound difficult, but it really isn’t! There are tried and tested techniques that are proven to work for EVERYONE, regardless of your background, education, or circumstances. All you need to have is the desire and commitment to succeed, and the willingness to learn some new skills.

Adding hundreds of people into your MonaVie business is a realistic target, because MonaVie is not a scam. You just need to know how to do it.

If you would like to know more about how to legally add hundreds of people into your MonaVie business, see the MonaVie Success Manual.

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Source by Joshua Fuson