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Initial or Honeymoon Phase

You are so excited about the Network marketing business you just joined and could not wait to work the business and replace you job income. You wonder why you didn’t come across this great business opportunity sooner. Could not wait to talk to your friends. But your sponsor said, don’t talk to your friends yet. You insisted, what should I tell my friends if I talk to them. He said tell them any thing you want, but don’t tell them any thing. You see all the profiles of successful people and listen to the stories of wealthy life styles this business has provided. You see all kinds of people in the business from high school dropouts to teachers, doctors to lawyers, PhDs to noble prize nominees. Your heart is filled with happiness and joy and you eyes are as bright as 1000w light bulb. You feel so good about the decision you have made. You walk a feet taller and your shoes don’t touch the ground. You don’t know the mechanics of doing the business you signed up for yet, but you are confident that you can do it. You get lot of attention where ever you go as your sponsor introduces to various team members in his as well other teams. For very few gifted individuals, the activities in the business are very familiar tasks. They can do them with ease. They can hit the ground off running and see immediate success. But for many, there is a learning curve on how to work the business. First thing they realize is that, it is different from a job. It requires mastery of some skills you never learned before. For many people the newness wears out by this time and they face the reality. It works, but it requires work. It requires some changing and learning. It requires some change in your thinking and reorganizing your priorities.

Sole Searching & Realization

Fast forward in time (actual time depends on the individual). You take a look back and evaluate your business. You realize that even though you started your business with good intentions and lofty goals, you didn’t take it seriously. You recognize the fact that some other people, who got started in the business along with you, moved on and achieved a significant level of success in the business. Now you decide its time for you to move on. You make a quality decision to build your business seriously. You revisit and revise ‘Why’ you are building the business in the first place. Everything is set and you are on a mission. You are doing everything that is recommended to succeed in the business. Working as hard as you can between your full time job and your business. You are working on yourself by putting positive information into your mind through books and tapes on daily basis. You set your goals and affirming them. You are doing everything to the best of your ability. But nothing seems to be happening. You double your effort. You are passionate about what you are doing. You are determined to win and you know you will succeed. You know it is coming and you can visualize it and feel it.

Making It Happen & Getting Results

You have developed a charismatic personality. You changed from inside out. You talk confidently and everything you say makes too much sense. All of a sudden people getting attracted to you. They want to be part of what you are doing, doesn’t matter what it is. They sense that you are on to some thing big and they don’t want to miss it. Your team is growing and many people are following your lead. They are hungry for the knowledge you share. You realize you are adding more value to people’s lives and transforming them for the better. You are reaping the rewards of your hard work and effort. You realize that, even though the financial rewards are huge, what you have become going through the process is priceless!

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Source by Sekhar Gurugubelli