Get LEADS On Autopilot!

Today’s topic is about running your business on autopilot or setting up automated marketing systems for your  MLM  business.

The business I’m in, we have a section where you can ask questions and get answers from different members. One question that came up is can you set your business up on autopilot.

In our specific business, which is SFI, some people were asking if you can set this business up on autopilot. Now, if you’re in a network marketing business, which SFI is part  MLM  and part affiliate marketing, there are pieces of business operations that yes, you can set up on autopilot and it’s probably best if you do, just to save some time.

One automated marketing strategy is creating a video and distributing the video. Inside the video description you put links to your primary business. That’s pretty much a once-and-done, set it and forget it strategy – you do your video, market it and let the video work for you.

Another thing that you can up on autopilot is your email marketing. If you have a blog, put an optin on the blog for your newsletter or get on your email list. Then you set up autoresponders so that can work behind the scenes for you.

For the most part though, when it comes to  MLM , network marketing, it’s a people business. You need to interact with people. You need to put yourself out there whether you’re doing videos – and video creation can’t be automated – doing Google Hangouts, webinars.

If you’re in a company that has events, going to the events and meeting people is key to an  MLM  business.

If you’re in a type of business that fits well with a Chamber of Commerce, it’s good to go to the breakfasts and different events that they have.

But with multilevel marketing, trying to set it all up on autopilot is probably going to be virtually impossible, unless you have a whole lot of money that you can spend to have someone create a fully automated marketing system for you.

Primarily, you always have to be looking for different places to advertise, and you can’t set that up on autopilot.

Basically, no, you don’t even want to think automated systems when you’re doing  MLM  if you’re in a serious company. You just don’t want to do that.

Affiliate marketing, sure. There’s a couple of systems out there that you can pretty much set up to work for you because you’re just promoting someone else’s products and the product owners take care of all the rest. You just earn a commission on what people buy through your links.

If you have a blog, most affiliate businesses can be almost all run on autopilot after you make a few blog posts with your affiliate links.

But primarily when it comes to any network marketing business, the key thing is communicating and interacting with people, whether it’s on the phone, doing and distributing videos or even printing flyers if you want to market locally.

On flyers, you can put a website link or your autoresponder email address and have that part of your marketing system set up on autopilot.

But in  MLM , if you want your business to succeed, you are not going to set up an entire business system on autopilot. You’ll only set yourself up to crash and burn. You’re going to fail. And you’ll have nobody to blame but yourself.

It might be difficult, but get yourself out there and talk to people about your business.

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Source by Karen S Musselman