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MLM Home business owners are still committing “suicide” in their business by using old school marketing techniques. Does this make sense?

Here’s the Top 10 reasons why the MLM home based business population are killing themselves in their business:

  1. MLMers are finding out and experiencing a 70% dropout rate in their business. Attrition like this will eventually “kill” the MLM business! Building that downline is like trying to fill the leaky bucket. It’s a HUGE frustration for an MLM Business owner to recruit 3 people only to find out that 2 have dropped out! This forces the MLMer to have to recruit EVERYDAY to make up for the loss!
  2. MLM business owners are averaging $100 per week! Most of them have a goal of earning 6 figures!! At this rate a 6 figure income is only 19 YEARS AWAY!! Yeah!!
  3. Only 10% of MLMers will earn their bonuses every month. Sometimes they have to order MORE product themselves to get qualified for their own bonuses. Most MLM Business owners spend more money than they earn. This rate is about $7,500 per year in product!
  4. They don’t build relationships with their costumers/potential costumers allowing the new costumer’s to quit on their business. They end up chasing MONEY and ignore the new team member.
  5. Downlines are full of people who continue to complain and need constant hand holding. Sponsors are now turning into Baby Sitters! It’s very tough to build a business when you are trying to solve the complaints from the new members.
  6. They’re sick and tired of working for the hundreds of dollars they earn when they feel like they’re worth 10x more! Many MLM company’s compensation plans will Never Meet the business owners’ desires.
  7. They’ve had it with the “scheming” compensation plans that tell you to get 3, who get 3, who get 3, structure requirements.
  8. Too many home and hotel parties. Dragging in Uninterested people, spending money on food and hotel room rental to entertain prospects, spending money on gas to get to homes and hotels are a few headaches the MLMers experience.
  9. Too many MLM business owners chase the next best MLM opportunity on the market. With so many new MLM companies starting up, many are “chasing the rabbit” to get in on top with the new company.
  10. MLM companies and their business owners will take anyone with a heart beat! This may sound good at first, but how are you going to sort the serious from the non serious? Product users vs the serious business builders?

Can you hear the Bullet being loaded into the chamber?

There are solutions to prevent MLM suicides

With the evolution of new training, new marketing techniques, and new top tier compensation plans that have been introduced in the last few years, many MLM home business owners no longer have to “kill” themselves in their business.

The new training allows new home based business entrepreneur to make 10x the money with the same effort. New marketing techniques allows the MLM business owner to attract the RIGHT people into their business. The Top Tier compensation plans allow the MLM owner to make the money they want without YEARS of recruiting!

Strategic action plans are now being implemented so make life easier for the home based business entrepreneur to become more profitable working less hours.

Read the MLM Letter to see what I mean.

So MLM doesn’t have to become a HUGE pain. MLM suicide can be prevented as long as the right information, right training, the right community, and right action is being implemented.

Helping prevent MLM suicide,

Greg Schmidt

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