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We are going to look over some of the ways to maximize your social networking experience. Social networking sites are a real treat to those involved in MLM, especially those who know how to use them properly. Yes, there are certain things people can do that will enhance their experience online. Some of these things are very simple but we all started somewhere…

When people log onto a social site and click on a profile, what do you think they are attracted to first? They want to see what you look like. Just like in offline communication, people like to see your face when speaking to you. If people see a picture of a dog, the ocean, or even a celebrity your profile may not get viewed. Regardless the reason we are using social media, we want our audience to trust us, and if the picture they see is not us they immediately have the ‘who is this’ question in their head. We would rather have them be able to see our picture and not a ‘bare profile’ so can determine whether they like what they see or not.

Personality is crucial to success online just as it was when we were in high school. If you are quite, no one will talk to you besides to make fun of you, if you were outgoing and fun to be around, people would flock to you. This is kind of how it is like online. If we have a good personality and are persistent in what we are trying to accomplish I promise you will see success. Your online personality can be view by others as what they see on your profile, wall, or dashboard. If you are using social media to meet new people and play games would xyz company links all over the place properly identify what your about? Probably not, what if your an online entrepreneur and there are hundreds of games being placed in your wall on Facebook? When people go to learn more about you by viewing your profile they will be turned off by all the game links they see. Especially if your giving the impression your an online entrepreneur.

After having a nice picture of yourself and some personality of who you are online, let’s move on to how online etiquette is conducted. This only applies to those who are using social media to build a down line in some company or sell something. If your into playing games and meeting new friends skip this paragraph…

The number one key to social media success is to always remember people are not numbers. People have emotions, thoughts, actions, and reasons they are online just like you do. It is not wise to spam people with your links, do you enjoy seeing so many links on your wall or in-box that you get overwhelmed and simply log out? That made me not even want to log into an account until I learned how to filter these messages sent by those who are so excited about their new opportunity they blast it all over the place not thinking about the people who do not care about the opportunity but who the person is.

This is why it is important to build online relationships with the people you meet online before even thinking about sharing your link with someone. If you start out spamming people, you will lose out on the privilege of meeting some extravagant people online. People will block you from posting or simply mark you as spam. Getting to know who they are and what they like will open up new opportunities for growth and keep you on their good side (out of spam). As time goes on and you allow a real bond to develop this person probably has grown to you and may even trust you enough to share your business. Be patient, eventually people will want to know what you do. I once too was so excited I thought everyone else would be just as excited as I. I learned the hard way. I wonder how many people have marked me as spam from when I was a newbie online.

When I say newbie online, I want you to realize we all have been a newbie at one time. We all have to start somewhere, the most important thing is that we do start and keep going with stopping. The more people you grow to know the better. Do not be surprised when you meet someone who drastically changes how you see things or knows more about your interest than you do. That is how we grow as people and continue learning what we are interested in.

There are a few ways to maximize your social media experience and make it more rewarding. Be sure to leave a comment on other ways to maximize your social media experience. I look forward to the continuous learning…

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