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eFoods Global is a new  MLM , that just launched in the fall of 2010. This eFoods Global Review will discuss in detail the company, the products, and the business opportunity to provide you with all the fact necessary for you to decide if you want to start your own homebased business or not.

The eFoods Global Company

eFoods Global, headquartered in Utah, was founded by 6 executives with Steve Shenk serving as CEO. Mr. Shenk has run eFoods Direct for the past 27 years, so it’s safe to say that he knows what he’s doing when it comes to the e-Food business. The products are all pre-packaged foods that can be shipped and stored safely. We’re talking about soups, instant potatoes, granola, pancakes and the like. Nothing too exciting except you can load up on astronaut type in the event of a major catastrophe. The website states that the food is best eaten within 15 years!

The eFoods Global Home Based Business Opportunity

Honestly, nothing really jumped out at me about this business opportunity being super-lucrative. The compensation plan is a binary, where you need to build both legs of your organization. What typically happens, since Binary comp plans pay on the lesser leg, is that most people end up with 1 huge leg from spillover yet make very little money because their lesser leg never grows. There are fast-start bonuses and you can qualify for additional bonuses and higher payouts by hitting certain performance levels. The minimum monthly auto-ship is $29.97, which is very affordable for anyone which is a positive.

How Can You Make Money With eFoods Global?

Bottom line, you can make as much money building a massive downline in here as you can in most any network marketing business. If you’re passionate about the products, go for it. eFoods Global is not a scam and is being run by a seemingly competent executive team. BUT…

Just don’t think that you only need to bring in 2 people and you’re set! To make a substantial income, you will need to do more than try to recruit your friends and family. This will get you nowhere. You will need to market your business to people who are active network marketers who will help you to build your organization. Because you will need 100s if not 1000s of people in your lesser leg to make the kind of money you want. If you don’t use the internet to market your eFoods Global business, you will be missing out on reaching a massive and receptive audience of targeted prospects.

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Source by Steve A Hawk