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If you are not an MLM leader yet, you may want to become one. In the MLM/Network Marketing business it is leaders who develop large downlines, move more products and services, and make the most money. So it certainly makes sense to become a leader.

You can make an income without being a true leader, but if you are at that point, it is not that much of a step to become a true leader. If you are making a decent living, you are already doing some of the things MLM leaders do. With just a little more focus, you could take the next step. Here are some MLM leadership tips that will help you become a leader.

So what comes first, a big, effective downline or leadership? Leadership If you are not an MLM leader yet, maybe you want to become one. In the MLM/Network comes first. Rewards follow leadership. The first steps to leadership involve improving yourself. All of the top Network Marketing leaders promote self improvement. Actually they do more than promote it; they live it. One sign of leadership is finding and developing other leaders. How many leaders do you have in your downline? Is it possible to develop them if you are not a leader? Probably not. You can’t respect others until you respect yourself. You can’t teach until you know.

The first step is getting out of your comfort zone. Develop a new marketing skill. You can’t inspire others to develop a new skill if you have not done it yourself. At first you may be uncomfortable as you learn, but you become comfortable when you know. As you progress, learning is not so uncomfortable. Being a Network Marketing leader is a process of constant learning. Yes, you are constantly getting out of (enlarging) your own comfort zone.

We mentioned large downlines. Set a goal to find and develop four consistent producers. Get to know them better. Find out what they do well. Is there a way to duplicate what these people do well? Is there a way to duplicate what you do well? This duplication will build an even bigger and more effective downline. Once these leaders are on the right track, find four more. Duplicate the process. Don’t forget that part of MLM leadership is developing more leaders.

As a leader you should be positive and engaged with your downline team. You can’t show boredom or uncertainty about your MLM company or the MLM industry as a whole. What kind of MLM leader would you follow? Strive to be that person. Remember that you are setting an example for the leaders you find and develop. Praising an accomplishment or a good idea will help establish you as a leader and will help others become leaders. If you are unsure about the MLM industry, what are you doing in it? If you are unsure about your MLM company, why did you join it? No person or business is perfect. Complaining about something makes no sense. If a problem ends up being a deal-killer, move on. If it is something that can be fixed, gather your leaders and find a solution.

This just barely scratches the surface of MLM Leadership. We’ll talk about this more as time goes on.

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Source by James Boswell