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Photo: Jeunesse founders, executives and top distributors visit the village they have adopted in Irkaat, Kenya. (Business Wire)

Distributors with Jeunesse Global witnessed the company’s charitable impact firsthand during a recent service trip to Kenya.

About 100 of the company’s top sellers traveled to Irkaat, Kenya, for Bringing Hope 2016, a cultural immersion experience focused on serving the local community. Through its Jeunesse Kids nonprofit arm, the skincare and nutrition company has partnered with We Charity, formerly Free The Children, to support Irkaat through the We Village program.

Craig Kielburger, Co-Founder of We Charity, took part in the trip, along with Jeunesse Founders Randy Ray, CEO, and Wendy Lewis, COO, and Chief Visionary Officer Scott Lewis.

“It is a tremendous honor to be aligned with Craig Kielburger and We Charity, and we are deeply grateful for the entire Jeunesse family around the world who have contributed to this important, life-changing cause,” said Scott Lewis. “We were humbled and honored by the incredibly warm welcome and time we were able to spend with the beautiful people of Irkaat.”

The We Village program is designed to address the primary causes of poverty—education, water, health, food and opportunity—with holistic, sustainable solutions.

Since Jeunesse began supporting the villagers in 2015, the company has funded the construction of a new school building and a clean water source. Previously, school rooms were temporary structures made from wood or clay, which would crumble with each rainfall, and water was carried from a silt-filled river about 12 miles from the village.

In addition to Irkaat, Jeunesse employees and Distributors support a village in Dao Lazui, China, where the company traveled for last year’s Bringing Hope trip.

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