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“Plan for the future, because that is where you are going to

spend the rest of your life.” – Mark Twain

Another year is upon us and you have your list of

resolutions or goals you want to accomplish in the upcoming

year. It’s time to plan your goals so that it’s not just another

conversation this year, but a focused plan for success. I will

share with you five goal setting techniques guaranteed to

help you achieve more out of life. Use the goal setting

techniques listed below to help you achieve your targets:

1. Be SMARTER with your Goals.

Make your goals:




Relevant to your situation,




For example, “I will increase my sales by 15% compared to

last year.” Be as specific about your goal as possible. “I will

start my own catering business” is a lot stronger than “I

want to go into business for myself.” Challenging goals are

motivating. Set goals that will push beyond what you

usually think you can accomplish. Remember to set a

deadline. A goal without a deadline is simply a dream. Attach

a realistic yet challenging deadline for accomplishment and

post this where you can review it regularly.

2. Visualize your goals. Take 15 minutes in the morning and

15 minutes just before you go to bed; find a quiet place;

close your eyes and relax, and visualize yourself actually

achieving your goals. Remember the more senses (sight,

sound, smell, taste, etc.) you can involve, the more real your

visualization becomes. I ask during my seminars, “Have you

ever had a dream that seemed so real that you woke up in the

middle of it?” Well the reason for that is the subconscious

mind is at work involving all of those senses to trick you into

believing the dream is real. Well, you don’t have to wait;

work at visualizing your goals today.

3. Phrase your goal in the present tense and assume success.

Don’t say, “I want to.” Say, “I will.” This subtle technique

tells your subconscious that you have already achieved

your goal, which means it will work at helping the goal

become a reality. It will attract the people, places, and

situations you need to achieve that goal.

4. Put your goals in writing. This simple act helps you clarify

your goals and will allow you to visualize them more

effectively. I recommend that you record each goal on a

separate index card and review them twice a day – once in

the morning (when you first wake up) and again before you

go to bed. Post index cards where you spend the most time;

on the bathroom mirror, on the frig., on your nightstand, etc.

This process reinforces your goals, acts as a reminder, and

drives your goals deep into your subconscious. In fact, this

is one of the most powerful strategies you can use to

achieve your targets.

5. List the benefits you intend to receive by achieving each

goal. This will keep you focused and strong, particularly

when you face the inevitable roadblocks and barriers. In

June, when I chose to lose 20 pounds, I listed 12 benefits,

and when I had the urge to put butter on my veggies or help

myself to a second serving of food, I would review this list to

help me get past that craving. I lost the 22 pounds and two

inches around my waistline to date. I think I will go for

another 10 pounds. This was not a diet, just a lifestyle

change. The more benefits you can list for your goals, the

more motivating those goals will become.

So my challenge to you to is to take the time to plan your

goals. Start with one goal and visualize it, write it down, and

act on it. As I always say, “If you don’t invest the time to

set goals then someone else will do it for you. And I

guarantee you won’t like their goals.” Invest the time, start


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Source by Ed Sykes