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Inflation on the rise and with President Obama Pushing the $850 Billion dollar Stimulus Package inflation will keep on climbing. 75k Jobs lost in one day CNN claimed on January 26th 2009. I was waiting for my plane at the airport when I heard the news. With the cost of living rising and wages staying the same many of us including myself have had to find new ways to create more income to live the same lifestyle we enjoyed a few years ago.

Creating a living the old way could leave you without a job, while losing your home and sanity. I realized most of us are creating income with a linear method, the one our parents ingrained in us, and our teachers developed within us as the course to success. You know the motto work hard and you can have whatever you want. With many hard working Americans losing their job the reality is the motto is not true. Even if you haven’t had any change in your line of work you must realize this “You can only work 24hrs a day” So your income is caped when you trade time for Money.

Trading time for money many end up enslaved to a job at a cost to themselves, and their families. Employers expect you to put your JOB FIRS,T but what is more important? The order should be family before job definitely, why? Think about it, why do we have a job? To support our family and ourselves, because that’s what’s important. Unfortunately, most of us can’t just quit our jobs, so we become unhappy no matter what our boss does.

I want to show you what many successful people already know, you have to create LEVERAGED INCOME. Leveraged Income is Residual income, No I am not talking about a MLM or some Pyramid Scheme, what I am talking about using the Internet to build residual income. It’s like a cash cow, today many are using the internet to build residual income to create the wealth they want or to supplement there current income.

There are many programs out there but be careful, some will take you and your money for a ride leaving you with nothing. I have found a few that work great and now I am doing what I want with no boss. If you are serious about making money with a stress free program you must have a plan that works.

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Source by Gary Beharie