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Question: I have been in classes with you, and I have been on your list for a while.

My biggest problem is that I am going from course to course, spending the money, spending the time, and yet I am to build an internet business that would make money.

Is it all my fault or is it that I have been buying the wrong courses?

I am confused and I am at my rope’s end. I must make money real soon in my internet home business, or it is back to j.o.b. time:-(

That would be real bad. I would look bad, my family would laugh at me, my friends would say that I was a fool. Please help!

Answer: My guess is that you are trying to get Christmas ornaments for a tree that you haven’t gotten yet. Christmas ornaments, just like internet marketing techniques don’t do well without the tree.

If you don’t have the foundation, i.e. an internet home business, there is nothing that even the best internet marketing technique or course can do for you.

So what do you need to have the foundation, i.e. the Christmas Tree? What do you need to actually build an internet business? What are the steps that you skip any of them, you’ll end up with the pieces but not an internet business?

We’ll assume that you have access to the internet, at least some of the time, you have access to a computer and maybe have a portable storage for your own stuff (yes, you can do this at Kinko’s…).

  1. You need to have an idea. We could also say that you need to know who you want to serve, what’s their problem, and you need to have a your solution to that problem. Now, you don’t have to have your own idea, and you don’t have to have your own solution, but you do have to have picked one.Most people I talk to are not clear… and this is step 1. Like the first floor of a building… what have you been all doing?
  2. You need a finished product, but in fact you need, at minimum, a giveaway product. It doesn’t have to be all yours, but you need to have the rights to sell it or give it away.(Optimally you should have three products, a giveaway or lead generator product, a product to sell, and an upsell product. But if you have one, and you are selling affiliate products, you can start with one.)
  3. You need a domain name to match or work well with your lead generation product. This will be crucial in all the links that you drive traffic with… no matter where this link is posted.
  4. You need an unlimited domain hosting account. I like hostgator. You need the baby plan, it’s $9.95 a month.
  5. you need a website with
    1. an optin page
    2. a sales page
    3. a product delivery page/thank you page
    4. upsell page
  6. You need an autoresponder system. I use aweber
  7. You need at least 7 emails in your follow up sequence in your autoresponder
  8. You need a payment method or a shopping cart system
  9. You need targeted traffic
  10. You need an affiliate system, where other people can sell your stuff for a commission
  11. Optionally you need a blog

If you look what would be a bare-bone system, you need to have the first nine, before you can say: I have a business that CAN make money.

Now, whether it is your fault or it is a sign of the age we live in: I don’t know. But if you want to have an internet business, you need to have the above items in place, correctly, working together, before you can add any “sexy” stuff to it, like loads of traffic, or fancy software.

Another sick thing I see, and you maybe a victim to that, is that people are very busy doing stuff that will never make money, and slack off on the stuff that does.

You pick a product that will never sell well, or even if it did, you would have to sell hundreds to just pay your rent.

Before you start ANY activity, ask yourself the question

  1. HOW is this going to make money for me? And if you have the how down pat, ask the second question:
  2. HOW MUCH money is this going to make for me in exchange to HOW MUCH work?

If you don’t focus on the money, then your attention is going to be on

  • perfection
  • yourself
    • being right
    • avoid looking bad
    • being clever… i.e. looking good, etc.
  • Being liked. There is a big difference between being liked, admired, and being respected. People don’t buy from people they don’t respect. If your main goal is to be liked, people won’t buy from you.

None of those make money, and business first function is to make money for you, otherwise why are you doing it?!

Ask yourself: is this project going to make enough money for me to

  • live on, comfortably
  • to work little and make a lot

If you try to sell a cheap (less than 97 dollar) product, you have to sell an awful lot to pay your rent, and make a living.

Ask yourself: is this project is building a business, or just make money?

If it only makes money, and doesn’t build your business, I would pass it… Your most important job as a business builder is to build a business that churns money out on autopilot. Sidetracks are just that, sidetracks.

Ask yourself: are you building your own business or somebody else’s? If you are building somebody else’s business, stop it. You are at their whim and mercy.

Most affiliate programs are that. (And yes, I call MLM an affiliate program! the worst kind, if you ask me.)

Ask yourself: does my success depend on other people, or it depends on my ability to create something that people want to pay money for, because my products solve problems?

Well, you ask yourself, ok?

And then tell the truth. And choose the right thing.

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Source by Sophie Benshitta