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When most of us if not all of us get into Network Marketing we have dreams of our success and what that success is going to mean to us and our families. We selected a good Network Marketing company that has good product and most of all a good compensation plan.

We are all fired up to go out and share this great opportunity with our friends and family. All we need to do if find a few people who share our dream of success. Then they will find a few and they will find a few and so on. What could be easier? The problem is that not everyone shares our vision.

As we go out to share this great opportunity what happens we are greeted by the “Dream Stealers”. The committee of doom. These are people that come to us at various stages while we are building our networking Business. Their whole purpose seems to be to stop us getting going. Why is this?

Because most people live in a life of mediocrity. They are comfortable there and that’s all they want out of life. Unfortunately they are victims of the system. Their plan was to go to school, get a job, work for 40 years and then retire on a pension. They work to live and live to work. They usually live on tight budgets and take very few risks because they don’t want to fail.

Now you have come along with an opportunity for them which have a few risks, you are asking them to look at the possibilities. This scares them in two ways. They do not want to fail, but they do not want to be successful either. With success come responsibilities. So what do they do? Try to talk you out of the business of course.

They do this by telling you the risks involved in Network Marketing. No one that they know has succeeded. It’s much easier to stick with a regular job and pay check. The first wave of “Dream Stealers” is usually your friends and family. They love you and don’t want to see you hurt or fail. Bit, your success could reflect on their failure.

The next waves of “Dream Stealers” are general acquaintances. People you have just meet or people you don’t know that well. These are people that do not feel comfortable around you. All this talk of success scares them. They have little ambition so they don’t want to associate with people who have dreams and goals for success. Their goal is just to live. Go to work to make enough money to pay the bills and maybe if they are lucky a night out now and then.

A lot of people give in to these “Dream Stealers”.

When you first start out you are more prone to agree with them. Maybe the business is not taken off like you wanted it to. Maybe self doubt is creeping in. How do you get over this stage and you must to reach success?

Have a dream and attach reward and emotions to it. Have belief in your self. Have ambition which is backed up by goals and actions. You can achieve anything is you put you mind to it. Look at ways to make your business self funding until it takes off.

Do not get disheartened if you have some failures at first. Failures mean you are on the road to success. Everyone who is successful had gone through failure to get there. Failure brings success. A lot of people give up just before they are ready to be successful. Remember winners never quit and quitters never win.

Now, if you have had the determination to get through all the “Dream Stealers” are going to throw at you, success will come. What do you think happens then? The “Dream Stealers” pay you a visit again. They will tell you things like” you are so lucky”. “I should have joined when you asked me”. Luck had nothing to do with it. It was self belief, determination and working to achieve you goals with a crystal clear vision.

You made a decision to be successful, and that meant not to be affected by what the “Dream Stealers” had to say. Now you are enjoying the lifestyle you dreamt about. Far beyond the mediocrity of the “Dream Stealers”.

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Source by Neils Andersen