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Are you tired of chasing people to sell them on your MLM product or opportunity?

If so, you’re not alone. I’ve been there too. In fact, as an industry, we MLM consultants are some of the most avoided people on the planet.


The biggest complaint about network marketers as a whole is that the moment an unsuspecting person begins a conversation with a networker, the marketing brochures fly out and all of a sudden, what was meant to be friendly small talk turns into a full blown sales pitch. As a consequence, the moment someone you meet finds out that you’re in an MLM, their guard goes up and you are looked upon with a skeptical eye.

How would you like to reverse that scenario? How would you like hundreds of people contacting you about your business? If you learn and master the information in this article you will never have to chase down another family member, friend, or anyone within the 3 Foot Rule to sell them your product or opportunity ever again. Pull up your chair and settle in, because this is the most profitable lesson a networker can ever learn.

The Secret To MLM Success Is Positioning

Positioning is the single most important thing a network marketer can do to attract and effectively market to people who have a want, need, or desire for what you offer. Positioning is crucial because people don’t just buy your product or opportunity. They buy your knowledge, expertise, and experience. The key to success in network marketing is positioning yourself as the expert you really are so that people want to hear what you have to say.

Is Your Upline Helping or Hurting You In Positioning Yourself?

There is a common practice that is advocated by network marketers and MLM companies that will destroy any chance you ever had of positioning yourself effectively. Do yourself a favor and learn from my mistakes so you don’t have to experience the frustration yourself.

Never have your experienced upline meet with your prospects and pitch your product or opportunity and don’t bring prospects to hotel meetings where your “guru upline” is selling it either. Although many upline networkers do this in an attempt to help their new and/or struggling downline, the truth is that it hurts far more than it helps.

Think about it. You found the prospect and got them to meet with your upline or attend a hotel meeting, but you don’t tell them anything about your business because your upline has instructed you not to, figuring you don’t have the skills or expertise to sell it properly. You get to that meeting and while your experienced upline is telling their success story, gaining credibility by the moment, and positioning themselves, you’re sitting there, totally ignored, and keeping quiet while the “expert” talks.

What does this say to your prospect? It tells them you’re a nobody. It’s next to impossible to close the deal on your own after this scenario, because your prospect doesn’t see you as an expert with the ability to help them achieve what they want. If they’re interested at all, they’re wondering how they can get on that MLM guru’s team, not yours.

You should position yourself as the expert, the leader, the alpha your prospects want to benefit from. Don’t hand that coveted position of strength to someone else, no matter how well intended your upline is.

What Every Network Marketer Should Know About Positioning

One of the reasons I advocate leading with the product, rather than the opportunity is because it’s much harder to honestly position yourself as a leader and expert when selling your opportunity if you’re just starting out or are struggling in network marketing.

Some MLM success programs advocate the “fake it ’till you make it” method of positioning yourself and instruct you to portray yourself as an MLM guru to sell your opportunity, even if you haven’t reached that level of expertise yet. This approach has two significant downsides.

First, a marketer should be completely honest in their marketing. Exaggeration or deceit of any kind will always hurt you in the end. If you can’t put into action and verify everything you say about yourself, how much money you make, or your expertise and leadership capabilities, it won’t take your downline long to figure it out and they will, not only drop out of your organization, but will stir up disloyalty and distrust among any downline remaining.

Second, when leading with the opportunity and attempting to position yourself as an MLM expert, it is inevitable that you will be asked questions like “How much money do you make?” or “How big is your organization?” etc. How does a struggling or new networker answer questions like that without destroying their credibility or being dishonest?

This is a no win situation that only leaves you with unfavorable choices. You can:

1. Lie – We’ve already discussed the ramifications of taking the dishonest approach.

2. Tell the truth – Which means you’ll most likely lose the credibility you’ve worked so hard to gain.

3. Don’t answer the question – The evasive approach commonly used by networkers only creates skepticism and distrust because the prospect knows the answer is not good or you would be forthright.

Why put yourself in this no win situation when the alternative is so much better?

You Are An Expert Already

The truth is, you don’t need to try “fake it ’till you make it” tactics because you are an expert already. You know your product. You know how it helps people. You know why people want your product. That’s all it takes.

You don’t need some advanced degree and you don’t have to know all the chemical intricacies of your product to position yourself as an expert. The truth is people don’t care what kind of molecular chemistry your product causes to take place in the body that relieves their arthritis pain. The only thing they care about is that their pain goes away and that you helped make it happen by providing them with your product and knowledge.

How do you know if you can honestly position yourself as an expert?

If you answer “yes” to the following questions, you have everything you need to be totally equipped to help anyone who is experiencing a problem your product can solve.

1. Do I understand the benefits and value my product provides?

2. Do I have a basic understanding of how my product helps people?

3. Do I understand what the people who want the benefits my product can provide are experiencing? (Pain, discomfort, self consciousness, fear, etc.)

4. Am I able to provide honesty, compassion, support, and top quality service?

If you answered “yes” to these questions, congratulations! You are an expert!

Experts Attract People

People want to buy a product that provides the solution they need, from someone they trust, who is able to provide value and support in addition to the product. People buy your leadership, knowledge, expertise, and experience. Essentially, they buy YOU, not just your product.

Positioning makes you the source of attraction. When you properly position yourself, you don’t have time to chase people because people are chasing you, asking you to resolve their problems by giving them your product, knowledge, support, and expertise.

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Source by Rebecca Bicandi