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The internet is growing at an amazing rate and as more people become comfortable doing business online, the more chances there are for creating a home business income opportunity. Are you tired of the typical 9 to 5 routine, a long commute, or hate being away from your children all day? Perhaps the company you work for is stressed by the economy and you worry about losing your current job. With your own online home business you can potentially put these worries behind you. In my opinion, below are 5 online income opportunities nearly anyone can start.

1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a practice where a business rewards their affiliates when they refer a visitor or customer based on the affiliate’s marketing efforts. There are numerous affiliate programs available throughout the internet, being a popular one. One benefit of affiliate marketing is that it often costs nothing to start, but you will likely need to generate a lot of traffic through your sites before you see much profits. One way to improve the quality of your traffic is to focus on a particular niche that you can relate to. Your knowledge and enthusiasm will come across to potential customers that you’re marketing to which will help make sales.

2. MLM

Multi-level marketing, also known as network marketing is a marketing structure where as a member you purchase on a monthly basis the company’s product and get others to do the same, creating a down line. You are compensated based on the amount of sales you and your team generate each month. Although an MLM can be inexpensive to join, there is a high failure rate as new members find it hard to recruit others to build their down line. As long as you do your research, understand the business model of an MLM opportunity and feel comfortable with the product being sold, you should be able to generate a profit.

3. Outsourcing

Thousands of people are finding work online by doing work for companies that are outsourcing short and longer term jobs. On sites such as elance, you describe your skills in your profile and then bid on the jobs companies are offering. The major categories of skills sought after include programming, design, writers, marketers, admins and consultants. As you win more bids and complete the projects successfully, you can boost your bid amount. Often, when a company is happy with your work they will keep coming back to you for more.

4. Web Design

Building web sites is a popular profession and really appeals to the technically adept as well as the visually creative types of people. Even if you don’t get involved in the programming aspect of website design some knowledge of the technologies involved will be necessary. Working with HTML, CSS, Javascript and development tools like Dreamweaver will be part of the job. Many designers create template sites and sell these online.

5. Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing is sometimes confused with other online business opportunities such as MLM or affiliate marketing. In fact, the previously mentioned opportunities will incorporate internet marketing as a means to promote the business, but internet marketing itself is simply learning how to leverage the internet so that your product or service will be more visible and available to potential customers. As a home business income opportunity this can be quite lucrative as you can apply what you’ve learned to your own business and be hired by other companies looking to boost their internet visibility. Look for programs that offer comprehensive training, mentoring and scheduled training on new marketing techniques.

Each of these online opportunities offer potentially significant income with little financial risk. With the proper research, understanding of marketing and solid coaching to help you succeed, you can begin obtaining the financial rewards of a home business income opportunity that so many on the internet are seeing.

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Source by Karl Dieterich