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What is the big deal? Does it work or is everyone losing their money?

Let me ask you a question: “Have you ever wanted to be your own boss?”

If you have, you should look into mlm or network marketing, which is another word for the same thing.

The greatest big deal in my mind with mlm is that you get to start your own business without paying several thousands of dollars when you start.

In any other venture, you have to put a lot of money on the table and as you and I know most people can not afford it. So, the dream of owning your own business stops with the dream.

In mlm you can start for as little as $200 a month, and if that is not a big deal, I do not know what is.

In most other business you got to have a lot of products stored somewhere, but in mlm you do not have to store products anywhere, because you are not the one who manages the products. It is taken care of for you, by the mlm company that you are associated with.

What kind of association you may ask. Well, in mlm you become a distributor or agent for an mlm company and every time you make a sale for that company, you get a commission.

The mlm company takes care of every thing, and your “job” is to create sales.

Another big deal and great aspect is that you can start recruiting new agents, and when they bring in sales to the mlm company, you will get part of the commission. This way you will create residual income for your self.

From then on and forward, the mlm company will pay you commission each time the new agents make a purchase. You have now created for your self a passive income that can escalate to a very big deal.

At last is the question: “does it work or are you losing your money?”

If you are buying a products or service from the mlm company, you are NEVER losing your money because you get something of value for your money in return.

Does it work? Yes absolutely. But that is not the same as to say that everyone will get rich. You got to work hard, but then you can reap the fruits for many years.

Thant is residual income, a passive income, like having money in the bank that grows and grows.

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Source by Lars Fagerliroen