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Want to hear a surprising fact? Many professionals – lawyers, doctors, accountants, business owners, bank executives – have joined the network marketing industry. It’s true! Just pick up any recent book by Donald Trump and you can’t miss the references to the unique and profound industry of   MLM , which has made millionaires out of many people.

This information is extremely important. Why? Because if you are a professional, you may have a whole new world available to you filled with limitless possibilities and huge financial rewards. And, because if you know professionals, this can have a tremendous impact on your network marketing business and career.

Professionals are stopping to take a hard and serious look at the network marketing industry like never before. After almost 10 years of practicing law for a major law firm, I quit and discovered the world of network marketing. As a practicing trial lawyer, I billed an average of 2,400 hours per year. I worked even more than that. The major partners in my firm worked as hard or harder than I was working, indicating to me that there was no light at the end of the tunnel. What is the point of making millions of dollars if you can never take the time to enjoy it? Yet, the network marketing industry can provide personal and financial independence in just five years with some hard work. I will trade a 40 year plan for a 5 year plan any day. Wouldn’t you?

If you know professionals, you should absolutely reach out to them to ask them for a few minutes to hear about your home based network marketing business and the unique, rewarding world of  MLM . Professionals can be very successful in this industry. In fact, I am a much happier, healthier, wife, mother, friend, and professional since I gave up the practice of law for the world of  MLM . There is a very bright light at the end of my much shorter tunnel.

However, there is a very important element to a professional’s success in any network marketing business. If you are a professional, are recruiting professionals in your  MLM  business, or you have professionals in your network marketing business already you need to know this. A professional can be tremendously successful in the  MLM  industry and fast. But, he or she must be willing to use their status as a professional to get there. And, when I say use their status, I mean it in a good way. When presented with my  MLM  business, I spent 10 days researching this industry and the  MLM  I was looking at joining. After I had done my due diligence and got started in my business, I was able to honestly tell my friends that this was something I did not enter lightly. Rather, I had done my research, as I always do, and felt this was a once in a life time opportunity. I could say that based on my research, this was a chance to be financially free in just 5 years with some hard work.

Professionals are used to a certain amount of respect that comes along with saying “I’m a doctor” or “I’m the vice-president of a bank” or “I’m a CPA.” Professionals are not likely to last long if they feel they are starting over at the bottom and have no status in their new industry. They likely worked very hard to achieve their professional status and thus, it isn’t easy to just walk away from that. So, both for the sake of the professionals’ longevity in the network marketing industry and for their ultimate success, it is important to use the fact that they are a professional to attain the leadership, financial freedom, and lifestyle they desire.

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Source by Dawn Connelly