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In times past, working from home required a home office to work for someone else, but progressive changes on the Internet have changed all that.  There are options now available that make setting up a home business much more flexible to custom fit an enterprise to individual needs.  Custom building a business online falls under two main categories that we can examine to see where your proposed business fits.


This form of business is based on working for an employer located at an undetermined distance from your home.  However, telecommuting jobs are available without the limitation of distance from a company location.  The purpose is to avoid the time and expense of traveling between home and a company facility. 

Telecommuting can be suitable for sales representatives who can call on customers via the Internet with followup by telephone.  Customer service people can assist customers via telephone and company website just as easily as they can from a company facility, all without leaving their driveway.  Other types of work suitable for telecommuting are artists, graphic designers, data entry, website developers, software programmers, computer technicians and many more.

Don’t limit yourself solely to responding to advertised openings. Sometimes the best way to land a home-based job is by calling someone you’d like to work for and offering your services.

A Home Based Business

Microsoft started out in a basement, Google began in a garage.  The Internet is creating millionaires out of people who are not shackled by their fears.  All that is needed is a product or service to sell and a blog to sell it on.  A blog is a type of website that an individual can make regular entries of text and graphics to promote a product or service.

Set your own hours and pick a product or service that’s ideally suited to your knowledge and interests. In addition to having a pleasant voice and strong customer service skills, you must have a high-speed Internet connection, a computer, a telephone land line, and a quiet place to work, all of which you pay for on your own.

Transfer Slogans and Artwork to T-shirts, mugs or hats. You can turn your graphic skills into cash — without investing money in expensive start-up costs like equipment and stock. Submit your original ideas and art online.

Your designs can be placed on T-shirts, mugs, kids’ accessories, housewares, posters, stickers and so much more. In addition to securing orders from buyers who visit those websites, you can also make money by doing some proactive promotion of your own. Encourage your friends and family to place orders, and get them to e-mail all of their friends by forwarding links to your products.

Transcribe Audio to Text:  Speeches, lectures, television and radio programs and interviews must be converted to text that’s delivered in a timely and accurate way. If you possess good English language and grammar skills and you’re an experienced typist with a speed of at least 75 words per minute, you could transcribe audio to text. Some businesses may require you to take a transcription test before offering you opportunities  to work. Most assignments are handled on a freelance basis.

Computer Related Technology: If you’re an experienced computer tech professional and you enjoy problem-solving and offering quality customer service, you may be able to work from home providing tech support via phone, online and even in person to customers nationwide.

As an independent contractor, or possibly as an employee, you can work from your own home office, set your own hours, and service clients in your area.

Car Wrap Advertising: 

You can get paid to drive your normal routes while allowing your car to feature advertisements. Specially created decals are provided to drivers to affix to the back windows.  Depending on your location and the amount of driving you do — usually a minimum of 1,000 miles a month is required — you can earn $50 to $150 a month by “renting out” advertising space on your car. You can make even more money — up to $500 a month — by allowing your car to be fully wrapped with an advertiser’s images and message.

Search online using keywords “car wrap advertising” to locate opportunities nationwide. Don’t be shy about calling around to compare rates and advertising opportunities to find the best fit for you. Never settle on the first company you find since there could be a more lucrative option available to you.

These are just a few ideas on how you can work as an independent entrepreneur from your  home. If you are a self starter and the type of person who can work unsupervised, working from home may be for you. It all comes down to finding the best way that you enjoy!

Weblogs are replacing websites as an easy way to sell products and do it working at home on your own computer. Even if you do not have a product of your own, you can sell other peoples products as an affiliate marketer. Most companies will let you join them as an affiliate for free and take care of everything like shipping and collecting the money for you.

Having a home business is easier than you may think.  All it takes is a strong desire with a positive attitude that says “I can do it”.  If you think you can, then sure enough you can.

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Source by Christine Hiebel