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If you want to make a million dollars working from home, you’ll want to acquire five important habits. These habits will not only assist you on your journey to becoming a millionaire, but they will help you sustain your financial status over the long-haul.

#1. Self Starter

You must be a self-starter if you are to become a millionaire, especially when you’re working from home. There is typically no one at your home who can keep you on task to ensure you complete your work and reach your goals.

Basically, a self-starter is someone who doesn’t need somebody else to tell them what to do in order to accomplish tasks and get the job done. They are someone with drive and ambition.

You can’t make millions if you don’t have drive and ambition.

What is the habit you need to take away from this? An attitude of independence.

Someone who looks around the world, sees opportunities and seizes them – all without someone else directing them.

#2. Vision

Before you will ever become a millionaire, you need to be able to envision yourself as one. Have you heard of the Law of Attraction? Based on this New Thought principle, you attract what you think. If you think you will achieve something, then you will.

If you think good things about yourself, then you will attract good things. If you envision your success, you will be successful.

You must envision yourself as successful in your work as a habit.

If you’re just starting in your quest to achieve great financial gain, then cut out pictures from magazines of items you want to obtain on your financial journey. Is it a big, fancy house with all the bells and whistles? Maybe you want to collect vintage cars, buy a yacht or an island, or retire.

Find pictures that represent what you want to achieve in life and post them around your office. Every time you go into it, you will see what you want to result from your vision of success.

Your vision may need to be adjusted periodically as you see changes in your pursuit to become a millionaire. Regardless, it is a critical habit to acquire, to always have a vision of what you want to become.

#3. Daily Schedule

In order to make a million dollars working from home, you’ve got to begin a daily schedule of work. Even if your business hasn’t developed to the extent that your day is full, you need to act like it is by creating a schedule.

If you don’t already have one, buy a Blackberry. Put your daily schedule in it, and make sure you set up a reminder for actual meetings and for actions you have due.

Establish a work day/week, like Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. You don’t have to work all that time, but you need to be psychologically prepared for a work schedule that fits your millionaire goals.

In addition to establishing a work day/week, make sure you actually fill up part of your day with work-related activities.

#4. Discipline

Without discipline you will never achieve anything working from home. Once you establish your work day and week, you’ll need to discipline yourself to stick to it.

Get up every morning and start work at the same time. Have regular work activities you do every day that help promote your millionaire business.

Discipline will help you focus on your goals and make sure they get accomplished.

#5. Goal-Setting

Goal-setting is one of the most critical habits that you can acquire. You need to get in the habit of setting goals. Initially, you’ll want to set one-, five- and 10-year goals. Then, you’ll want to set more short-term goals that will help you arrive at your longer term goals.

An example might be that your one-year goal is to become a millionaire working from home. Your five-year goal may be to become a multi-millionaire working from home and your 10-year goal may be to sell your business and retire.

In order to achieve your one-year goal, you’ll have to have tasks that will need to be completed in order to arrive at your millionaire status in one year. You’ll also want to identify high-level tasks that will enable you to arrive at your other more long-term goals

Incorporate these habits into your lifestyle. Let them become a part of your daily life. As they begin to be part of you in such a way that they are second-nature, you will be amazed at how much more quickly you will arrive at making a million dollars working from home.

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Source by Gary John McGeown