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A “dating service” is a widely used term to include a huge number of companies, websites and match making groups who extend a helping hand to people in their efforts to locate probable romantic partners. Some of these companies work on the basis of location and nationality, while others focus on religion or just lifestyle compatibility. One can say that these are an extension of the traditional systems of matchmaking. With the coming of the Internet, there has been a tremendous growth in the number of such companies.

Certain dating companies patronize requests from people having a specific faith. These prove very helpful to people who, for whatever reasons, have their religious faith as the major criteria for deciding on a partner.

Many cultures still avoid the idea of using dating website, and prefer the traditional matchmaking or dating services. They may insert ads in publications matching their culture. Matchmakers from Indian and Jewish communities are entrusted with finalizing a marriage in totality, and not just connecting two singles. Matchmakers focusing only on culture usually conduct research for both the parties involved, including respective families, with the intention of ensuring that the match is harmonious at all levels.

A number of dating services which don’t focus on cultures employ personality questionnaires. Members are asked all kinds of personal questions, varying from their personal income to their preferred race. The data collected as a result of the questionnaires is used for preparing a list of candidates which are most compatible with your personal data, made from your response to the questionnaire.

Some companies provide face-to-face dating services. It is a normal practice for such companies to organize functions for singles only. Lately, another kind of dating is becoming very popular. Known as ‘speed dating’, it avoids the embarrassment of blind dates. Here, an individual moves from one table to the next, spending a couple of minutes with every participant. This way, every individual meets all others and at the end, all members give a list to the organizers, containing the names of the persons they found preferable. In case a match is found, the organizers provide the contact information to the parties concerned.

At some times in the past, patronizing a dating service has had a negative undertone. It was interpreted that the member failed to find a suitable date the usual way. As the lifestyle of people continues to be increasingly busy and intricate, they find dating services a convenient and helpful way of finding partners. When you consider trying any dating service or going for a blind date, you should carefully explore the available options before selecting one, and do take the essential precautions while parting with your personal details. There is no guarantee of finding a suitable partner through any dating service. Yet, it helps overcoming some obstacles on your way to finding love!

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Source by Karina Popa