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Human nature is such that we will always be tempted by the latest trends. We always want something newer, bigger, better, faster. If anything,  MLM  is especially prone to chasing the trends. There is a constant supply of new systems, perfect  MLM  Training programs and fool-proof recruiting methods. The temptation is very strong to drop what you are doing and try the latest and greatest.

Unfortunately, this creates a never-ending cycle of change that hampers even the most dedicated  MLM  business owner. In most cases you learn a good method for generating leads and then you implement it. You create some capture pages or marketing material. You start running some ads. Then suddenly, you come across a great  MLM  training course that uses a completely different method of recruiting. So you stop what you are doing and work on developing the new one. This usually continues over and over until you run out of resources or give up out of frustration.

Luckily you don’t need to stop trying out the latest recruiting methods or switching  MLM  companies every once and a while. It’s human nature and there is nothing wrong with that. You should probably try not to constantly jump between  MLM  companies as you need to ensure that you stay long enough to profit from your efforts. Trying out many different marketing and recruiting methods is perfectly acceptable though. You just need to have a few things set up first.

Before you start any  MLM  business, or even if you already have, you need to create a headquarters (HQ) for you and your brand. Once you have established your Personal HQ to use as a base for all your  MLM  operations you will find that it’s quite easy to implement new ideas and methods without spending a lot of time and effort making changes. The first component of this is your personal website or blog. You need to create an online destination that brands YOU and will become the only place you should be directing your leads or prospects to. All of your  MLM  training and marketing efforts need to be centered on your Personal HQ.

This personal blog should include a capture form and up to date information about you and your  MLM  business. You should ensure that your capture form collects your leads and puts the information into an Autoresponder list that you have complete control over. I don’t recommend using the lead collection or contact management tools provided by any  MLM  company as it gives them too much access and control over YOUR lead list. Feel free to direct them to  MLM  Training material provided by the  MLM  company you are working with if they are providing something useful.

You should also present your  MLM  Training material on your personal blog, even if it is just links to other good  MLM  Training programs. I have found that offering  MLM  Training courses is a great way to attract prospects. You need to ensure that you are offering quality training and if you can’t provide it yourself, you need to find a partner with a good  MLM  Training program.

Now you can follow any hot trend that interests you, so long as you always stay focused on using your personal brand and your personal blog.

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Source by Joel Broughton