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So many of us professionals have broken dreams of working from home, or earning enough money to be come financially free and that being the case become enticed into finding that lucrative work from home  MLM  or Network Marketing opportunity. There are many of them out there, Agel, Amway, Herbalife, Lighter Life, Betterware, Avon , Mary Kay to name a few

I know I have been there, You listen to what your upline tells you, make a list of your friends and family, call your warm market, use them to practice talking to people, get your technique right, before we unleash you on ‘paid advertising’ purchasing leads, or Google PPC. Many of us are not sales people, and therefore struggle with this concept. Some take to it like a duck to water, and do go on successfully to earn enough money to quit their job and live the lifestyle they dreamed of, working at home. While to others its as alien as the planet Mars, they just can’t get to grips with talking to people, recruiting, advertising or retailing the products

So why is  MLM  not working for you?

Could it be some of the reasons outlined below,

‘not really your thing’,

‘can’t get to grips with the concept’,

‘don’t want to be using/buying/selling products’,

‘can’t work out who your market is’

‘too busy with home life, working life let alone spending what little of your spare time you have on a work at home business’.

‘good on retailing, but crap on recruiting and visa versa’.

The times have changed

It is time to take a check and review the business you are currently in. It is now the era of social media marketing, new style home businesses are opening up, more online related than consumable product related. There are lots of different opportunities out there that are not network marketing, or  MLM  style companies to move into that can earn you a modest income within your first year, and which can give you the opportunity to look at realistically working from home within the next 12 — 18 months instead of 3 — 5 years in most  MLM  opportunities.

There are bigger and better compensation plans than those of traditional  MLM  or Network Marketing companies where you earn 25 — 50% of a product sale where the most expensive item is probably $200.

Instead, with new style opportunities there are types of compensation plan that will make you anywhere from $200 per sale to $1,000 — 10,000 per sale.

 MLM  and Network Marketing are a Dying Breed

The bottom line is this,  MLM  and Networking marketing have now come of age and are due for retirement. More and more MLMers and Network Marketers are moving away from those arena’s and taking up positions in the new style home business opportunities, that have residual income, funded proposals and the possibility of other streams of valuable income.

There are newer, better, efficient ways of operating a home business that does not have to cost a fortune when first starting up, apart from your initial outlay which is still far less than setting up a franchise or shop, and the only thing to then consider is your possible ongoing costs for websites and memberships.

If you want to find out more about the new style of home opportunities available click here for more information.

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Source by Colette Morris