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Passion in life is sometimes hard to find. A lot of people search for the things they love to do but can never find the right passion. Here are a few tips to help you find your passion.


What gets your juices flowing? What makes you excited? What gives you ideas, inspires you to create, and to come up with plans?

Money no object

What would you do for free? Make this a game. What would you do if you did not need to be paid? This will tell you that you would do it no matter what.


What comes easily to you? What are your strengths, what you are good at? Connecting these together will reveal your passion.

Find like energy

Seek out people who have the energy you want. What are they doing and what do they get passionate about? Learn from other people. Feed off their excitement.


A recent study showed that 75% of the people surveyed have trouble finding their passion. Other people, a mentor, a coach, or a teacher can help you find your passion. It is worth millions of dollars if they put you on the right path. We want to continue to grow our passion. We have to look deep inside and get help if we need it.


Have confidence, but not arrogance. Make decisions. Know when to say “no” to something that is not your passion. Do not settle. Find what you are really good at, that you really want to do, that you are challenged by, and that you are enthusiastic about.

Your passion is already there, you just need to find it. Relax. Trust the Universe. Meditate on all these ideas. Don’t think too much about it. Uncover your passion.

Make it your business

You may be thinking, “I can’t make money at that. I can’t build my life around that.”

Yes, you can! The wonderful thing about the world today is that you can build your life around anything! I know someone who loves Smurfs. Her passion is Smurfs, and she makes six figures annually selling Smurfs.

It might not happen immediately. It might take some work. You will have to set goals and put a couple carrots out there to motivate you. If you get the focus, and keep moving forward, it is going to work for you. If you get stuck, get a coach to help you move forward. I have had coaches and mentors all along the way. They can make a difference for you.

Get excited about life, energy, and finding your passion. Live with passion. Get educated and find like-minded people. Dig deep, find your passion, and enjoy your life

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Source by JB Glossinger