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As the economy declines and people are complaining about being broke, losing jobs and overall being miserable about their life situations, I thought I’d share some of the top reasons I’ve heard over the years as to why a person either “can’t” start a network marketing business or “can’t” be successful in network marketing.

1. Don’t have the money to invest

2. Don’t have the time

3. Don’t want to sell to my friends

4. Not good at sales

5. Don’t have anyone to talk to about it

6. Don’t want to have “parties”

7. Only those who are in from the start of the company make money

8. My husband/wife doesn’t want me to do it

9. It’s a pyramid scheme

Now, those of us who are involved in network marketing and MLM’s know the truth….

1. “Don’t have the money to invest” If you don’t have the money to invest, your situation is pretty bad (as many MLMs are less than $200 to start) and you may want to ask yourself “why don’t I have an extra $200?”

2. “Don’t have the time” Unless you live in a cave 24 hours a day…we ALL have the extra time it takes to build a network marketing business. With as little as an hour a day, a business can be created that will provide an extra $250-$1000 (or more, depending on the commission structure) each month. It’s all about redesigning one’s calendar and perhaps shutting off the TV for an hour, or less playing on Facebook and MySpace.

3. “Don’t want to sell to my friends” Quite frankly, if you don’t think your friends are deserving enough of the gift of the opportunity to look at a network marketing business and making the decision for themselves, why are they your friends? We all like to think that our friends are amazing people. But if you think they don’t deserve to see your opportunity or they will laugh at you or put you down, they again I ask – why are they your friends? Don’t YOU deserve to be surrounded by those who will assist you and lift you up instead of drag you down? Of course not all of them will accept the offer, but at the very least they should say “thank you for thinking of me.”

4. “Not good at sales” That’s the beauty of network marketing…you don’t have to be good at sales. Sharp, motivated people will see the opportunity for what it is and make an informed decision, they don’t require you to “sell” them anything, just make the offer to show them the information.

5. “Don’t have anyone to talk to about it” There are millions of people across the world who are looking for a business….if you join a supportive team and take part in the trainings (ie: show up and be present!) you will learn how to access people who are simply waiting for your call, plus learn how to generate a referral network so people call you!

6. “Don’t want to have “parties”” ~”Parties” are just a way to leverage YOUR time…instead of meeting with one or two people in person each day, how about 30, 40 or more a week at your presentations? All it takes is a few of them saying “yes” and before you know it, you have hundreds, thousands, tens-of-thousands of people in your organization and checks are flowing to everyone.

7. “Only those who are in from the start of the company make money” This is a common misconception…that would be Corporate America, not network marketing. In Corporate America, those who start with the company first are usually the management team and yes they will make more than hourly employees (yes, there will be some cases when overtime and bonuses may give an hourly employee more than a manager, but that is rare). In network marketing, the more you assist others in achieving their dreams and building their team, more money you will earn. Plus the reality is that if your team member comes in and just “runs with it” they can out earn you without any question.

8. “My husband/wife doesn’t want me to do it” So what you are really saying is that your spouse does not want you to do anything that would greatly benefit the family as an entire entity? If your family was seeking extra income and your spouse was offered the ability to work 10 extra hours a week would they call you to ask your permission? Of course not, they’d be happy that the opportunity to bless the family came along and you took it. That’s what network marketing is all about!

9. “It’s a pyramid scheme.” Heck, most people don’t even know what they mean by this….if you really want to have fun with someone when they say this ask them “what do you mean?” Nine out of ten times, they will shrug their shoulders and say “I don’t know.” If you look at a pyramid it looks like a triangle with the widest part (the foundation) at the bottom and it gets smaller and smaller until you reach the point at the top. If you want to put that into the business world – that would be what Corporate America looks like, not network marketing.

The reality is that we are ALL network marketers, the difference is that some of us choose to join a company and get paid for our efforts. What do I mean when I say ALL of us are network marketers? Well, when was the last time you told your friends about a great movie you saw, the restaurant in town that had the best pasta, steak or happy hour or the store in the mall that’s having the end-of-season-sale? We all do it. We all share. The difference is that neither the movie theater, the restaurant, or the store in the mall are going to send you a commission check after your friends go in and make a purchase, as a network marketer with a company, you WILL get a check!

Overall network marketing has a great deal to offer for those who are open, coachable and most importantly SHOW UP and DO SOMETHING everyday!

Of course being paid as a network marketer is not for everyone. Many believe that it’s “better” to be employed by a company which pays them based on the time they spend doing work each week. I believe it was Jim Rohn who stated that “JOB” stands for “Just Over Broke” as that is where most people who are relying solely upon Corporate America to provide them an income, will stay. I personally believe that each and every individual should have multiple streams of income (and yes, one could be a job if so desired).

Ask yourself this one question: if the “job” I have was gone tomorrow….would I be able to continue to support myself in the lifestyle I am currently living in? If the answer is “no” then it sounds like it is time to make a change.

Take control of your life, your lifestyle and begin creating your desired income level TODAY! Close your eyes, envision your passion and as of today, start moving towards it. I guarantee you, that if you follow your hearts desire, you will become wealthy beyond your wildest dreams!

If you’d like to discuss options available to you…email or call me and let’s talk! Be healthy, be focused and be the best you that you can possibly be!

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Source by Caryn Gottlieb FitzGerald