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Many people fear old age for a number of reasons but I believe they all boil down to one major reason, helplessness. People fear they will be in poverty when they grow old, which is a form of helplessness. People fear they will suffer from ill health, which can result in helplessness. Others of religious beliefs fear they are going to leave this world only to end up in a place worse because of the way they lived their lives; this also is a form of helplessness.

It is never too late to turn any reasons for the fear of old age around. My grandfather is 97 years old and very active, last summer he painted his two-story house and worked on shingles on the roof. This should be motivation for anyone but believe it or not it is a source of jealousy for a few. They complain that this 97 year old man makes them look bad (they are in their 60s and 70s).

I was surprised by this at first until I realized that it is probably a result of the fear they have of growing old. Because of their fear they resent the fact that my grandfather has overcome his fear and they have not. My grandfather at 97 is doing things they cannot at a much younger age.

Instead of feeling resentment and jealousy they should be using his as a source of motivation and encouragement. For here is a 97 year young man proving you can be fit at an “old” age and that much of it rest in your attitude about life.

Others fear old age because of the threat of poverty, which call also be turned around at any time. Through a change in your lifestyle, your saving habits, and your motivation to earn more money by other means. It is never too late to learn a new method of earning money, whether it’s by learning a new trade, starting your own business, writing or other methods.

There are people that believe in a hereafter and because of their failure to follow their religion faithfully they fear of going to a place not as nice as their current life. Others fear the unknown of death wondering if this life is it or is there something more; something better or worse.

In death, one of two things are going to happen, you will discover there is a hereafter and the only thing you can do to prepare for it is to believe that the hereafter is going to be a nice and wonderful place. Or you will discover this life is it, only really you won’t discover that because at the end of this life you won’t be aware any longer to really care.

The only way to defeat this fear is to eliminate the sense of helplessness that you feel is awaiting you. You begin this by changing your belief structure, replacing it with one that will help you look forward to the here and now and the hereafter. Change your eating and fitness habits so you are in shape and stay in shape as you add years to your life. Begin saving and learning ways to add extra income to your life; find methods that require less work and more profits.

Fear is the result of worrying about the future that has not yet happen and that may NEVER happen. Fear is the one thing that will destroy your life NOW. You spend so much time worrying about what may happen that you miss out on living the life you have now.

Life is a balance of working and providing for your future and enjoying the life you have now. Worry feeds fear and fear feeds worry; to break the cycle you must change your thoughts about the future so it’s not worry but planning.

Adding years to your life does not have to mean helplessness, prepare for the future, enjoy your life now and stop worrying about that which may never happen.

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Source by James Darren Davis