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It has been said we need to work smarter, not harder. While this is true, I can’t say I agree with it completely. Hard work is a good thing. Working smarter is also a good thing but we can’t let an inability to do either stop us from reaching our goals. Some people work by leveraging their mind. Others work by leveraging their strength. The key word here is leverage. Network Marketeer’s understand this and use it to build wealth.

I left school in year 9 for medical reasons. I have since undertaken several certificate courses but I found I could leverage more from reading books, than I could from attending a class or doing a course. I found it wasn’t a matter of how much I knew or how ‘smart’ I was. I simply needed to know where to find the answers I was looking for on any particular subject by leveraging other people’s time. I found books the best time leverage for me.

The Authors of the books I was reading were writing from their personal experience and I pulled on that experience to learn what my next moves should be. In an effort to work hard at working smart, we can use the power of leverage. We need to first recognise the power of leverage. We are all given the same 24 hours in every day. We all have strengths in different areas. If we work together and pull on each other’s strengths we get more done.

We should use leverage to benefit others as well as ourself. Leveraging the time of others is not about being greedy or selfish. Its about delivering a win for all people involved. Be a frequent book reader. Leverage the time of others experiences by reading about them in books. Charlie ‘Tremendous’ Jones was quoted as saying, “…You will still be the same person 10 years from now, except for the books you read and the people you meet…”

We should learn from others mistakes. We are taught not to be concerned about making mistakes, we should learn from the mistakes we make and move on. We should also look for and listen to the mistakes others have made and implement strategies ourself based on what we have learned from others.

You should always be consistent. Regardless of what you do. Working hard at working smart requires consistently using the power of leverage. Remember, leveraging your time is not about using others to get what you want. It should be about helping others get what they want which in turn should give you what you want. As Zig Ziglar put it – “…We can have anything we want in life, by helping enough other people get what they want…”

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Source by Eric J Smith