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It seems like these days people get into an  MLM  and expect to basically hit the lottery. They are told and join a  MLM  or multiple MLMs expecting to recruit three people, who get three people, who also get three people, and suddenly bam they get to retire. The truth is that if that ever did hold a grain of truth, it is no longer relevant or true. I heard a large leader in a  MLM  once say in a two year period he had put in a significant number of people (to be honest I don’t remember how much) in his down line and to this day either those people were gone, or they were just ordering product and were not growing the business.

Not that it’s a bad thing, if you had people below you just ordering product great. At the same time though if you were one of the people who were sold on believing the misrepresentation your business would grow just by finding a few people who wanted to grow their business, you might be having issues. All you see is that you’re in an  MLM  that has no down line growth

The truth is these days you must and I repeat must not rely on the  MLM  lottery mentality of getting some people in below you in an  MLM  and expecting your down line or up line to further your business. What I’m getting at, and I apologies if this is harsh but YOU must be concerned about your business, you must take responsibility for it. It falls squarely on your shoulders to be the leader to the extent you want your  MLM  to grow, and forget about other people growing it for you. Once you decide that for yourself it will become easy to grow your  MLM . Once you decide that, you can have the down line growth most people only dream about.

These day’s all you need to grow your  MLM , is a script, a phone and a lead. You don’t need to run all over town to hotel meetings, you don’t need to drag you’re up line to show a plan, and you definitely don’t need three way calling. All that does is position you’re up line or someone else, and in the end you need to become the expert at your business, you don’t want your down line going to other people, because you are the expert. It does not help you to have down line growth; you just grow someone else’s down line.

In short what I am trying to briefly say is two things; one: if you want to grow an  MLM  you want to grow your  MLM , you must become the expert. Two: if you want to grow an  MLM  and have it stay a large  MLM  you must take responsibility for it.

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Source by Casey A Ford