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The Truth behind the Donald Trump Network marketing claims is indeed true. We have all heard the big buzz around our industry about Donald Trump endorsing Network Marketing, which I think is funny anyway, because it seems many are insecure, so they feel they have to use the Trump Network Marketing claim around to feel more comfortable with what they’re doing.

You know, Donald Trump said, “Ha.. From the hype statements in our industry to the facts and non facts, it’s time to reveal the truth.” In this article, I will cover what has merit and what doesn’t have merit about all these trump network marketing statements.

It seems now days that in our industry we have more and more of what I call the Trump Network marketing claims. We have all heard them once or twice. The fact is that on the Jonny Carson show in the late 80’s. Johnny Carson asked Donald Trump what he would do if he lost all his fortune. Trump replied back. “I’d join Amway.” Donald was laughing.

The crown booed and Donald Trump stated, “That’s why I’m sitting here and you’re sitting there.” (Pointing to the crowd.) It was a joking statement, but I guess he technically stated it.

Many distributors use these Trump N. Marketing one liners to overcome objections from potential partners. Something every distributor should understand is that direct sales and   MLM  is completely legit. Now some companies do illegal things, but it’s no different than the typical brick and mortar business doing illegal things.

Our industry sometimes gets a bad rap because people quit too soon in their opportunity and blame everyone but themselves. So next time you have to use a Trump Network marketing onliner just remember be proud of what you do.

Here are a few New Trump network marketing on liners if you need to use them to validate what you do.

Herbalife is the main sponsor for the LA Galaxy professional soccer team.

Donald Trump endorses A.C.N Inc (They PAY Donald Trump to Endorse.)

Warren Buffet owns Pampered Chef

Richard Branson owns Virgin Vie

Xango sponsors the Salt Lake real

Whether someone drills you about Network ( MLM ) marketing and direct sales or not, remember, you need to be proud of what you do. If you need to pull out a trump network marketing one liner then just remember, these billionaires above are here to support you and help you. Have fun with this industry. If you have any questions give me a call.

HOT OFF THE PRESS WITH DONALD TRUMP in his new book with Robert K he does have a whole chapter about the NETWORK( MLM ) MARKETING INDUSTRY. He is PRO the industry

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Source by Brian E. Zimmerman