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If you’re fed up with working hard to help your business succeed while you see the results of your hard work making other people successful, it’s time to look for alternatives. There are many things you can do to break loose of the 9 to 5 grind and profit from your own hard work and ingenuity. If you’re willing to work hard and have the patience to seek long-term rewards, you should try multi-level marketing. There are many companies offering distributors the freedom of managing their own destinies and building up wealth over the long-term.

 MLM  is a business-distribution model whereby a parent company markets products by relationship referral and direct selling. The salespeople are not salaried and are called distributors. They are representatives of the parent company and remuneration is in the form of commissions. What sets this model apart is that the distributor sets up his own companies and secures distributors who do the same thing. Ultimately, the original distributor is reaping the benefits of commissions from the entire network that began with him.

Why  MLM ?

  1. Long-term income and stability. No longer must you work for every cent that comes into your bank account. Rather, you will reap the commissions that come from all the distributors in your network. The beauty of it is that each of those distributors, no matter how many levels down from the original source, can do the same thing. They can set up their own networks and enjoy long-term income and growth.
  2. Freedom that comes from owning your own business. You make the decisions about when you work and when you don’t. Family time takes on a whole new meaning. You will be the one who spends time with your children when they need you. You will be able to go to the tennis matches and ballgames. You are in a position where you are in control of how much wealth you will generate for them and what lifestyle you choose for the family to enjoy.
  3. Support from the parent company. The company you choose to connect with has a vested interest in your success. Besides, it has the resources to help you succeed. It will provide an abundance of training and encouragement. You will be working with a team that will provide encouragement and advice to take you wherever you want to go. Many distributors are making sizeable fortunes in multi-level marketing because of the support they get from their parent companies.
  4. Relationship marketing. This is today’s most effective form of distribution. This person-to-person approach makes it possible for you to share the benefits of the independent business opportunity with others. At the same time, you will receive rewards for their success. Rather than being simply a cog in an impersonal wheel working at a 9 to 5 job for a corporation, you will be developing your own circle of partners, all of whom will work with you toward your and their success.
  5. Use of the Internet in powerful and effective ways. The time has come for disillusioned corporation employees to take advantage of the advances the Internet has made possible. Multi-Level Marketing opens the door. You don’t have to work out the tools and schemes to use the tools because that has already been done for you. You only need to apply your own initiative and ingenuity to make this work for you.

An example of a Multi-Level Marketing success is MonaVie, a company that has a two-fold mission. First of all, it seeks to help people become successful as Multi-Level Marketers. Secondly, it intends to improve the overall health of victims of a destructive modern lifestyle. Their product is a drink made from a blend of fruits that is designed to address the ailments of 21st century human beings. From a marketing standpoint, it is designed to ride the wave of the wellness revolution, which grows more vigorous every day, and functional beverages are gaining momentum as an intelligent alternative to pills.

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Source by Michael Guzman