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The Elevation Group is a company that Mike Dillard is putting together himself.

Mike Dillard is stepping down as the CEO of Magnetic Sponsoring and is giving that position to Tim Erway.

Mike decided to send out an email today to people on the magnetic sponsoring list with the message that he was doing this and decided to put out a blog post the the magnetic sponsoring website stating that he is launching an entirely net company named The Elevation Group.

The Elevation Group is supposed to be a guide and an insight to the black box inside strategies of the rich. At least this is what Mike is saying.

Now by no means am I doubting Mike Dillard. Everyone knows he truly is about educating people about building wealth. Look at the fact the he’s in wealth masters international and has been for some time. My questions about the elevation group are simple.

Is the elevation group going to be a key component to people really knowing how to but together a plan to put massive wealth that’s totally new and different or is this going to be a company that is a carbon copy of wmi?

Only time will tell. I respect Mike Dillard. I have just about everyone of his courses and they have helped me tremendously in my business and if you haven’t gotten his book magnetic sponsoring I highly suggest you get it. That book was what changed my mindset on this industry and it will definitely change yours. Getting back to the topic at hand I’m really looking forward to learning more about the company and see if its for real.

People are definitely in a struggle right now regarding their wealth and its simply because we as the majority haven’t been taught the secrets that really would guide us to financial success. As Mike stated that’s why he is creating the elevation group. That’s also why were all in this industry because we see that the system that has been put in place no longer works and we doing what we have to do in order to truly have the lifestyles we want for ourselves.

I’m excited as I have always appreciated Mike and what he has given to this industry. If it wasn’t for him we wouldn’t know names like Brian Fanale, Norbert Orlewicz, Jonathan Budd, and many many other great and successful entrepreneurs in this industry.

One thing I do know for certain is this. No matter how great the elevation group may be as a company the elevation group will not determine your success in network marketing.

Mike has embedded in anyone that has bought any of his products that it is truly about you and that people don’t join a business they join YOU. You have to build a relationship with people by giving them value and you will have success no matter what company your in because deep down you will find that if some views you as a leader they will join you if your in the elevation group or any other company.

Let’s see what Mike Dillard really has to offer this time. He has given tremendous value to this industry so far we will see whether or not this is something that will really change this industry or people’s lives. The elevation group is development and Mike Dillard is putting together a beta launch.

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Source by James Jordan Jr