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Has your business hit a brick wall? This article will give you some tips on how to climb over or go around it.

Tip 1

The customer side of most businesses is the easiest. However, many marketers neglect this very, very important aspect because they are spending time hunting only for the next business builder. Please do not be one of those folks! Nearly all company compensation plans have requirements for customers as well as other builders. Also, the nice part about customers is that they provide a wonderful base of residual income that can sustain your lifestyle while you spend time looking for builders.

The simple answer is that EVERYONE is a potential customer! Talk to everyone to find out what they are doing and where they are at in life. A note of caution here though, DO NOT SELL! Your job is to simply ask questions to determine whether your solution is for them or not. For example, ask questions about lifestyle, family, current activities, future aspirations, etc. The key is to find out as much as possible. Unless you know quite a bit about them, you will have a difficult time making a connection, without a connection there will be no relationship, without a relationship getting them as a customer will be nearly impossible. Make sure you are sorting rather than selling.

Some people are going to recognize that your solution is for them and some are not. Your job is to ask questions to find out who is in and not waste your valuable time with those who are not. I assure you that you have undertaken an impossible task if you try to sell someone who is not interested. Now, I hear you saying, “isn’t that what salespeople do?” Absolutely not! Good salespeople know full well that a happy customer is a long term customer and that if you do happen to sell them rather than allow them to buy, it is probable that at best you have a short term and irritated customer. Customers who have a bad taste in their mouth after they are done with you will certainly tell other people about their poor experience (some studies say 12 or more). Is that what you want to happen to you?

Tip 2

Business partners can be found where successful are found. In a perfect world, as your company has no doubt told you, anyone can be successful. If you believe that, I have some swamp land for sale at a special price just for you. To proceed with a more realistic and attainable strategy of finding people to join you in your business you must identify and build relationships with those who are already successful business owners or professionals. That can most definitely include:

  • small business owners who have been in business for more than a year or two
  • network marketers who are in another company
  • corporate executives who are disgruntled for some reason
  • current salespeople

The hardest task you are going to have in pursuing those people you would like to build a business with is patience. Building a trust relationship takes much more than an introductory phone call, a presentation and a close. I know, I know, your upline is pushing you to advance by recruiting. I can only give you this advice. Build your business with a longer term view. It may take you several YEARS to build a foundation that returns you any kind of meaningful income. It is important that you need to have an expectation that finding, developing a relationship with and successfully recruiting an individual can take some time.

Is that what you wanted to hear? I doubt it. Is there a way to shortcut this long term building process? Sure, but you need to understand that you are taking a shortcut and may have someone who is not committed to your (and their) business for the long run. How do you get access to the proper kind of business builder in the short term? Go to where successful people hang out.

Mingle, ask questions then listen carefully and see if you can find someone who is looking for an additional source of income or is not happy with their current circumstance. If you find someone in that position, you can probably get them to have a look at your opportunity and if it meets their needs, successfully recruit them. This is not a very good strategy for the long term though because their commitment level will probably be low. If you are early in your business, it may well be your only choice though.

Tip 3

The Network Marketing business will pay you for your education in personal development. If your business has stalled, the problem may be that you need to learn something else so your value increases to the marketplace. In the case of recruiting that can certainly be the case. If you are not routinely pursuing advancing your knowledge, you very well may be limiting your success. Beneficial knowledge can include:

  • knowledge about your specific company
  • knowledge about your specific products or services
  • knowledge about prospecting in general
  • knowledge about leadership
  • knowledge about personal development

The list is nearly endless. There is a cautionary note here though. DO NOT pursue knowledge at the exclusion of working your business. Remember, you are not in business if you are not talking to people. The “good” of personal development can never overcome the “best” of working your business so get rid of that excuse before it grabs you and prevents you from taking action to be successful.

I hear you saying “but it costs a lot and there are so many scams out there”. That is true, however, a number of the better trainers in personal development provide a “try before you buy” approach that lets you sample what they are pitching so you can make a well informed decision. In fact, a fair number provide quite a range of free training that you can make use of without doing any more than putting in a name and email address.

All of the information contained here should help you in making a decision. Are you going to quit like the 97% or persist like the 3%? I assure you that perseverance and education are your two best weapons against poor performance. But you must work smart as well as hard. Good luck!

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Source by Scott Love