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Where’s the first place people go when they want to take a vacation? Yes, it’s online.

Maybe they don’t even have a  destination  in mind. Perhaps they do and now they need to begin planning. It all starts with the internet.

If you have a  travel  blog, congratulations! These sites are just plain fun to research! A virtual trip when you can’t get away. But, for those who are looking for information on all things  travel-related  like air fare, lodging and news about their  travel   destinations , the  travel  blog gives them what they want.

Let’s look at some of the different kinds of  travel  blogs…

We have the bloggers who have one particular place where they return time and again. Simply because they find such happiness when vacationing in their paradise. With this love, comes learning everything they can.

Let’s say it’s a tropical  destination . The  travel  blogger knows the best beaches, the hottest dining establishments and where to shop for everything from food to flip-flops.

Naturally, all this in-demand information is on their blog. They include maps, listings of hotels, resorts, restaurants and recreational activities. Anything and everything the place has to offer its tourists.

When someone does a search for the same place, voila! They find this  travel  blog with all their questions answered. Who else would you want to listen to? Someone with first-hand knowledge!

For another type of  travel  blog, let’s look at those where at first glance you may not think of as an  exotic   travel   destination . Not to name names. You can fill in the name of your hometown or city. What? Why would anyone want to see a travel blog about where I live, you ask?

Think about it. What about the business travelers? Even small towns bring in the weary, overworked people  traveling  for business. They need to know about affordable lodging and decent dining. If they find the time to shop, they want to get something for their partners and kids.

Other popular  travel  blogs are by retirees.The ones fortunate enough to be able to choose an  exotic  location to live and play after getting through the rat-race. Not only can they share information for future tourists, but they are ideal to supply answers for others thinking of a state or country to retire to!

Now…we move to the savvy marketers who operate their  travel  blogs as a home based business. Either full-time or part-time. They love travel and making money from home. And, speaking of money, what’s the one thing all these travel blogs have in common? Most of them have AdSense ads on their blogs. When a visitor clicks on these Google Ads, they make money!

Many of these smart webmasters, along with listing products and places, have become affiliated with travel-related businesses. For example, when someone reserves a hotel booking or air fare, the business shares a commission with the blogger!

Now, to the best part. If you have a travel blog or website, would you like to be able to offer your tourist the ability to choose absolutely anything in the whole wide world? That’s right.

How about a cruise of a lifetime? An exciting train adventure? Flights to take them anywhere from Cabo San Lucas to St. Barts. Skiing on snow or water. An African safari?

And let’s not forget the new luggage they’ll need. New clothes, too. Heck, they can even pick up a new passport holder. Sounds unbelievable, doesn’t it? Soon all travel web sites will have this system in place. And no two will be alike.

So fasten your seat belts and enjoy the ride!

(c) 2007 Karen Cook

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