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Herbalife Ltd. is partnering with two voter engagement organizations to provide resources to Americans ahead of the 2016 general election.

The nutrition company has launched initiatives with the nonpartisan League of Women Voters and Voto Latino, in an effort to help citizens find the information they need to cast their ballot.

Eric Rosen, Herbalife Senior Vice President, Global Government Affairs, said, “Voting is a crucial right that gives each and every one of us the power to determine what happens in our communities and our nation, and Herbalife Nutrition is proud to promote civic engagement with the League of Women Voters and Voto Latino—two organizations that have shown the ability to provide Americans with the information they need to play a role in our democracy.”

On its Herbalife Nutrition website, the company is hosting the first-ever presidential election widget from the League of Women Voters, a grassroots organization that has been engaging voters across the U.S. for nearly a century. Using the VOTE411 widget, individuals can select their state and receive information on registration deadlines, voting options, ballot measures and more. An online voters’ guide also provides a side-by-side comparison of candidates’ positions.

“Millions of Americans miss the opportunity to vote in major election years because they lack basic information about the voting process,” said Chris Carson, President of the League of Women Voters. “We are grateful to have help from Herbalife Nutrition in breaking down this barrier and getting needed information directly into the hands of voters.”

In a separate initiative, Voto Latino is heading up voter registration drives at 20 Herbalife Nutrition Clubs across California, Florida and Colorado. The media organization, co-founded by actress Rosario Dawson, creates innovative digital campaigns to encourage Latino involvement in civic activities. Voto Latino is supplying educational materials and training on voter enrollment to the Nutrition Club owners, who are Independent Herbalife Members.

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