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Wanting your MLM business to work, and believing it will work are two different things.

I could never get my head wrapped around how many people I needed to talk to – that would get my home business to the level I wanted to achieve.

I knew the leaders had 20,000, 40,000, or even 60,000 people in their organization. They seemed to be making good money, but they never could tell me exactly what they were making, or even a clear cut formula.

I had a brick and mortar business that was successful, and I never believed in the compensation plan. My overhead was always so high there were no profits. I loved that business and was extremely passionate about it, and driven to make it work.

So why with both cases was I not as successful with my income or my belief than I am right now with my current successful home business?

First and foremost, I couldn’t believe because I couldn’t clearly see how the numbers would work for me. With my MLM, I didn’t want to wait 3, 5, or 7 years to make the hopeful six figures.

I absolutely hated the experience of chasing my friends, family and random strangers. I think deep down I knew I wasn’t going to do what they said I had to do to get those numbers of people to join my business.

The potential got me excited, but the reality of what it took did not. Are you like me and saying, “I’ll give it a shot.” Well we all know giving it shot means try, and try means not going to succeed.

Then there are people who don’t know what to do. They have lack of leadership, and clear direction and fumble around.

All of these things boil down to one thing, your subconscious is conflicted with your conscious. You want it, but you don’t believe it.

Then there is social proof, you are making little or no money at all, and it spirals you into believing less and less in your business.

I don’t know about you, but for me to believe whole heartedly, I need to see the plan clearly, and how the pay plan will compensate me in detail. I need to see what a successful home business looks like on a daily basis, and imagine me doing what is required.

I closed my successful brick and mortar business down. I was tired of it leaking money and paying my creditors more than it paid me.

I quit my MLM because I was tired of the recruiting methods, and the slow, tiny checks it promised with all the time and I effort I put into it.

I did find a clear path along the way. Luckily, when you know what you don’t want, and start to focus on what you really do want, it appears.

I found a new business model that allows me to have a successful home business. I doesn’t require me to do the traditional MLM marketing methods. I can clearly see how I can make $10,000 + a month with less than 2-5 people in my business per month. My overheads do not eat my profit.

Here is where the mindset completely aligns. I want it, and I believe in it 100%. When you believe in something so vividly, and paint a clear picture of what it looks like, it happens. It is not luck as it might appear from the outside. It is the picture you paint whole heartedly coming true.

I live my dream lifestyle. I work from home, spend my days with my kids and my husband, we are in a successful home business that pays all it’s members high commissions.

We travel, and spend time doing the things we use to dream about. You have to ask yourself, what do you want? Is what you want aligned with what you are doing? Do you believe in what you are doing 100%? Are you getting paid what you are worth while you are living your dream?

If your not, you deserve to find exactly what you are looking for. What dream lifestyle do you want for your family? Do you see exactly how to get it?

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Source by Michele Luminato