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Youngevity International Inc. is blurring the line between direct sales and e-commerce with Cart Ripple, its new online and mobile shopping app.

The seller of nutrition and lifestyle products debuted Cart Ripple during its recent See the Change Convention in Salt Lake City. The platform enables users to receive special sales promotions, discounts and cash back from more than 2,000 participating retailers, which include names like Walmart, Target, Starbucks and Sephora.

Chief executive Steve Wallach calls the app a “natural fit” for Youngevity distributors, particularly since many of them are already shopping at participating stores. In addition to finding their own deals, distributors can refer others to Cart Ripple and get cash back on the purchases of those they refer.

“We feel the marriage of direct selling with thousands of established retailers is such an exciting opportunity for all involved,” Youngevity’s President and CFO, Dave Briskie, said in a statement. “Cart Ripple gives our distributors, their customers, and their customers’ friends a robust shopping experience, along with financial incentives and benefits that fit Youngevity’s model so well.”

An additional feature helps consumers compare prices across the platform’s e-commerce stores. Cart Ripple users can simply scan or enter a particular item to find the best value.

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