Get LEADS On Autopilot!

Many people fail with attraction marketing in  MLM .

I feel this is one of the biggest reasons why..

You HAVE to use videos!

If you don’t have your very own YouTube channel to brand yourself, GET ONE RIGHT NOW! There is nothing, I repeat NOTHING more powerful to get your prospects attention than a confident video of yourself.

On the Internet exists a golden rule which as Internet marketers we must abide by. This rule is:

“Nobody knows you. Nobody likes you. Nobody trusts you.”

Videos BUILD A BRIDGE between you and your prospects on the Internet.

 MLM  Video marketing gives your prospects an actual EXPERIENCE around YOU! Videos give feeling and a real experience that will EDGE into their sub-conscious.

Videos give you FREE advertising 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year.

Videos have proven to boost conversion rates of capture pages. Ensure you have videos of yourself in your autoresponders, so that ALL your leads get sent to your YouTube Channel so they can see YOU!

Set-up Facebook and Twitter so that they see a video of you as soon they become a friend or follower.

If you are not using  MLM  video marketing in your social marketing campaigns, THIS IS WHY YOU ARE FAILING!

My millionaire mentor says to me:

‘Luke, it’s the 1%er’s that make the difference. Little hinges, swing big doors’.

What he means is that it’s the little tweaks and adjustments we make that will make us a fortune – especially with Internet Marketing. It’s not the latest magic pill.. it’s the LITTLE THINGS WE DO that will make huge differences in the long run. A confident video of YOU, is a little tweak that will make all the difference to the way people perceive YOU.

All the TOP Internet Network Marketers are using  MLM  video marketing.. If you’re not doing it, that’s why you’re not at the TOP!

Become an  MLM  rock star through video!

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Source by Luke Shavak