Get LEADS On Autopilot!

You: The business owner, the lifestyle entrepreneur, the one with the fire in your eyes and the passion in your belly. You need to get your message, mission and vision OUT THERE.

Your goal: To reach your Ideal Audience, target market, potential allies, strategic partners, industry groups, trade associations, fellow thought leaders, media outlets…

You can’t contact them all the time (and they may not always want to hear about you at a given moment). What you can do is make connections, both purposefully and organically, so when they’re ready, you’ll spring right to the tops of their minds.

But then the overwhelm sets in. Who are they? Where are they? How can you reach them? And, most importantly, where do you start?

No sense making it harder than it has to be. Start with 10 of the easiest ways to “A-Ha Yourself!” – put your boldest insights into joy-filled action – and work up from there.

1. Write an email to a person or business that caught your attention. It may be one-on-one, or it may be through their marketing efforts, but if a person or business makes an impression on you, let ’em know about it!

2. Comment on a blog or website. Let the blogger or site owner know you came, you read, and you enjoyed it.

3. Blog. Design the blog around your business, passion, or expertise. In the best case scenario, those are the same things.

4. Write useful articles to your target audience. Assist, inspire, answer, inform, educate, debunk, entertain! Then send out to ezine publishers, magazines, article directories, and more.

5. Submit a news release. Got news, an upcoming event, seasonal tips, a new product or service, etc.? Sanctify it with a press release to your local media, and with online services like,, or

6. Create a social networking page for yourself and/or your business. Seems like there’s a new social networking website cropping up everyday! But for now, just concentrate on the biggest and best, such as: LinkedIn, Facebook, MySpace, Squidoo.

7. Teach about your topic. Whether it’s a speaking engagement, class, workshop, seminar, webinar, or teleclass, get in front of an audience and let loose on the things people need and want to know most in your field.

8. Serialize your knowledge. Create a series around a theme, process, set of steps, bag of tricks ‘n tips, crazy shtick, you name it. Don’t just go for the written word, either. Try out audio, or have fun directing a few YouTube videos.

9. Send out ezines, newsletters, or autoresponders. Build an opt-in list and start sending them regular doses of user-friendly, info-rich content relevant to their lives. Repeat!

10. Last but not least, get yourself a website. Preferably a real website, with a dedicated domain, and matching email addresses. (That means no,,,, etc.) Make it easy to read, engaging, and make each page its own relationship-building experience. And don’t forget one clear call to action on each page!

In this new world of marketing, opportunity comes knocking from the strangest places, on the most unlikely of doors. The more you increase your visibility and active involvement on the Web, the more you welcome new connections, customers, clients, and serendipitous possibilities.

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Source by Lani Voivod