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There are so many MLM opportunities available these days that ‘hopping’ between them is becoming more common. The chance to join a new venture at the ground floor can seem extremely attractive and many network marketing professional can be found dropping their existing business and jumping into a new opportunity – often taking their whole network along with them.

Of course, there are good and bad points to moving between companies, but switching your loyalties is a decision that should never be taken lightly. There are pros and cons to be considered before making a hasty decision:

1. Many people are attracted to the idea of being number one in a new company, thinking that will be one of the few who forge the way ahead for everybody else. There is nothing wrong with this pioneering attitude, but abandoning everything you have worked long and hard for is a potentially disastrous step. You have to consider your downline – what would you do if they suddenly jumped ship and joined another MLM opportunity?

2. The company you jump to might not even survive past the initial set-up. We can all think of numerous examples of companies who fail – even when they seem like winners. Look at Enron! Your existing network offers you security and stability. Can you say this of the new opportunity? The majority of new start-up companies don’t survive beyond their fifth year. Is this a risk you, as a professional, can afford to take?

3. Think about your existing network marketing opportunity – how much support does it offer to you? New companies often have very poor support structures initially, they don’t come into their own until past their tenth year (if they even survive that long).

4. As attractive as being a pioneer is, they are the ones who have to slog long and hard to build the business up from nothing. With a proven MLM opportunity, you have a model to follow, you don’t reinvent the wheel, and you can avoid the mistakes of those who have gone before. Not everyone can be a pioneer – how will you motivate your own downline to go the distance with you if you can’t demonstrate the same ethos?

5. Is your position important to you? Starting at the bottom again means you will be pressurized into lowering your ranking within the company. Think of what you will be giving up as well as what you will be getting – are you happy to put status and income into the hands of an unproven opportunity?

So how can you ensure your new opportunity will be a success?

Firstly explore the track record of the management team with the MLM opportunity. Check out the marketing potential of the product yourself, don’t rely on their figures. If you plan to take your downline with you, ascertain their willingness to come along. And think of the consequences of taking your loyalty elsewhere – what if it didn’t work out and you wanted to return? Try not to burn your bridges.

Do your research with care. Your livelihood and that of your family depend on how well the new opportunity performs. Don’t be fooled by all the hype and try and think things through carefully however exciting it seems.

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Source by Jaz Lai